Our research grants

Our research grants

GenIMPACT: Centre for Economic Impacts of Genomic Medicine has a broad research base in health economics and the application of genomics to intellectual disability, preconception carrier screening, childhood syndromes, rare diseases and childhood cancer. It is an expansion of our long standing research program on productivity and health.

Research by Year

2016 - 2020

Kathy Wu, Paul Fitzgerald, Deborah Schofield, Stuart Grieve, Rodgers, Anthony Harris, Rupendra Shrestha, Sean Hood, Timothy Usherwood, Fatemeh Vafaee (2020) An Australian Multicentre Double-Blinded Randomised Controlled Trial of Genotype-guided versus Standard Psychotropic Therapy in Moderately-to-Severely Depressed Patients Initiating Pharmacotherapy. Medical Research Future (MRFF) $2.95 million over 4 years.

Deborah Schofield,Mike Field, Rupendra Shrestha, Tony Roscioli, Owen Tan, Jan Mumford, Jackie Boyle, Louise Christie.(2020) The health, economic and social consequences of genomic sequencing and cascade testing for intellectual disability. Genomic Health Future Mission (MRFF) Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Grant stream project grant, $499,728 over 3 years.

Tony Roscioli, George McGillivray, Alison Colley, Michael Buckley, Sebastian Lunke, Deborah Schofield, Kathryn North,Cliff Meldrum, Jon Hyett, John Smoleniec (2020) Implementation of Evidence-based Genomic Medicine in Pregnancy through the Translational PreGen Consortium.Medical Research Future (MRFF) Genomics Health Futures Mission Project Grant, $5 million over 5 years.

Paul Wrigley, Mark Gillett, Michael Nicholas, Deborah Schofield, Dan Costa, Fiona Hodson, Christopher Trethewy, Christine Baird (2019) Improving the value of care for people presenting frequently with chronic pain to NSW Emergency Departments (ED PainPATH). Heine Foundation $1,286,240 6/7/2020 - 2022

Deborah Schofield, Robert Tanton, Rupendra Shrestha, Simon Kelly, Hannah Carter, Jinjing Li (2020) Measuring national productivity impacts of chronic ill health on patients and carers and the potential benefits of health and policy interventions. NHMRC APP1181228.  $1,028,940. 2020-2024

Deborah Schofield, Rupendra Shrestha, Jacob Veerman,Simon Kelly, Robert Tanton (2020) Assessing the national productivity impacts of chronic ill health. ARC Discovery Project Scheme DP200100726. $444,353.

Graham P, Zeppel M, Lee E, Kyng T, Beggs P (2019) Excess costs of heat waves on hospital admissions due to violent crime. MQBS Research Accelerator Project Scheme. $10,000

Louisa Gordon, Penny Webb, Scott Bell, Deborah Schofield, Toni Cunningham, Melissa MacCabe, Thomas Elliott, Astrid Rodriguez-Acevedo, Xing Lee. (2019) Evaluation of Clinical Genomics Round 2, Queensland Genomics Health Alliance, $583,600. 2019-2021

Simon Lewis, Antony Cooper, . . ., Deborah Schofield et al (2019) Australian Parkinson’s Disease Mission (2019-2023) Medical Research Future Fund $30 million

Kathy Wu, Deborah Schofield,  Rupendra Shrestha (2019) Informing resource needs of pharmacogenomics-guided therapy in patients with mental illness or alcohol use disorder: for SVHA campus-wide implementation and beyond. SVHA Inclusive Health Innovation Fund Steering Committee. $395,070.

Haxby Abbott (2018) The primary care management and impact of osteoarthritis: learning from big data. Health Council Research of New Zealand. Consultancy NZ$37,000 over 36 months.

Deborah Schofield, Tracey O'Brien, Claire Wakefield, Michelle Haber, Rupendra Shrestha, Glenn Marshall, Katherine Tucker, Luciano Dalla-Pozza, David Ziegler, Toby Trahair (2018) The economic impact of precision medicine in high risk and aggressive childhood cancer. NHMRC Partnership Project (APP1159004) $1,351,693 over five years. $2,668,750 in kind.

David Thomas et al (2018) Provide all Australians with rare and neglected cancers access to a clinical trial, in their home states. Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program (AGCMP). Federal Department of Health. $50 Million over five years.

Edwin Kirk, Martin Delatycki, Nicholas Pachter, Nigel Laing, Kristine Barlow-Stewart, Deborah Schofield, Michelle Farrar, Damien Bruno, Sebastian Lunke, John Beilby, Mark Davis, Michael Fietz, Ainsley Newson, David Amor, Stephen Robson, Michael Buckley, Tony Roscioli, John Massie, Alison Archibald, Cliff Meldrum, Julie McGaughran, Jan Liebelt, Chiyan Lau, Janice Fletcher, Alison Colley, Kate Dunlop, Rupendra Shrestha, Meredith Wilson (2018) The Australian Reproductive Carrier Screen Project. Medical Research Future Fund $20,000,000.

Deborah Schofield, Roula Ghaoui, Rupendra Shrestha, Carolyn Sue (2018) Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of whole genome sequencing for the diagnosis of the mitochondrial disease. Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundations $150,000.

Deborah Schofield, Owen Tan, Rupendra Shrestha, Melanie Zeppel (2018) The costs of childhood cancer, Children’s Cancer Institute $200,000.

Deborah Schofield, Carolyn Sue, Tony Roscioli, John Mattick, Marcel Dinger, Rupendra Shrestha, Michael Buckley, Ryan Davis (2018) The economic impact of providing precision medicine through whole genome sequencing. NHMRC Partnership Project (APP1151906) $1,144,787.50 over 5 years plus partner funding.

Deborah Schofield, Nigel Laing, Martin Delatycki, Marcel Dinger, Tony Roscioli, Edwin Kirk, Michael Field, Rupendra Shrestha, Damien Bruno, Simon Kelly (2017). Preconception carrier screening: providing genetically at risk families with a chance to have healthy children. NHMRC Partnership Project (APP1146134) $845,827.40 over 5 years plus partner funding.

Katharine Steinbeck, Rachel Skinner, Lena Sanci, Deborah Schofield, Fiona Brooks, Angus Dawson, Rebecca Ivers, Lin Perry, Bette Liu, Philippa Collin (2017) From discovery to therapy in genetic eye diseases. NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence (APP1134894) $2,500,000 over 5 years.

David Mackey, Jamie Craig, Alex Hewitt, Kathryn Burdon, Robyn Jamieson, John Grigg, Stuart Macgregor, Fred Chen, Margaret Otlowski, Deborah Schofield (2016) From discovery to therapy in genetic eye diseases. NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence (APP 1116360) $2,498,231.50 over 5 years.

Tony Rosciolio, Rani Sachdev, Edwin Kirk, Emma Palmer, Anne Bye, Deborah Schofield, Marcel Dinger, Mark Cowley, Michael Buckley (2016) Severe infantile-onset epilepsy: Leveraging Genomic Sequencing to Identify Novel Genes, Neurodevelopmental Pathways and to Determine Cost-effectiveness Genomics Collaborative Grants Program NSW Health. $180,000

Louisa Gordon, Nicholas Grave, Penelope Webb, Deborah Schofield, Rupendra Shrestha, Khurshid Alam, Owen Tan, Luke Rynehart, Sharyn Lymer, Sarah West (2017) Evaluation of clinical genomics projects in action. Queensland Genomics Health Alliance (QGHA) Round 1 Project Fund. $480,000 over 2 years.

Robyn Jamieson, Ian Alexander, Leszek Lisowski, Patrick Tam, John Grigg, Deborah Schofield Peter McCluskey, Matt Simunovic, and Kris Barlow-Stewart. (2016) Sydney Vision Initiative Sydney Research Excellence Initiative 2020 (SREI2020) funding scheme, $150,000 over 1 year.

Tony Rosciolio,  Kathy Wu, Alison Colley, ‎Michael Buckley, Ronald Mead,  Deborah Schofield‎; Dianne Petrie, Sulekha Rajagopalan, David Mowat, Anne Turner, Rani Sachdev, ‎Carolyn Ellaway, Lisa Ewans, Mary-Anne Young, Bettina Meiser, Robert Brink, S Dunwoodie, Katherine Tucker, ‎J Ho E Giannoulatou, Stuart Tangye, John Mattick, Christopher Goodnow, Bryce Visse, Paul Gray , Michelle Farrar, Timothy Mercer, Mark Cowley, Marie Dziadek, S‎onja Bates, B Celler, Meredith Wilson, Michel Chan (2016) Working together to promote good health and wellbeing: Development of a network of Translational Genomic Clinics (TGCs) in NSW Health. Academic Health Science Partnership (AHSP) Council grant - Clinical Academic Stream $500,000.

Tony Rosciolio, Deborah Schofield, Mike Field (2016) Genetics of Intellectual Disability. Garvan Philanthropic Funding $130,000

Tony Rosciolio, Jozef Gecz, Michael Field, Deborah Schofield, Michael Buckley, Kathryn North, Marcel Dinger, John Christodoulou, David Amor, Gareth Baynam. Transforming the Diagnosis and Management of Severe Neurocognitive Disorders through Genomics (2016) NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence (APP1117394) $2,499,329.50 over 5 years.

Tony Rosciolio, Michael Buckley, Marcel Dinger, Mark Cowley, Deborah Schofield, Lisa Ewans (2016) Discovery of Genes for Mendelian Disorders through Whole Genome Sequencing: From the Clinic to Gene Identification. Genomics Collaborative Grants Program NSW Health. $200,000

Robyn Jameison, Marcel Dinger, Patrick Tam, John Grigg, Bruce Bennetts, Anne Turner, Deborah Schofield (2016) Translation of genomics for genetic diagnosis and improved patient management in blinding retinal dystrophy. Genomics Collaborative Grants Program NSW Health $340,000.

Schofield D, Roscioli T, Mattick J, Kasparian N, Dinger M, Barlow-Stewart K, Cowley M, Field M, Buckley M, Shrestha R (2016) The economic and social impacts of genetic sequencing for intellectual disability. (APP1113895) NHMRC Partnership Grant. $1,263,576 over 5 years.

Hunter D, Bennell K, Hinman R, Zwar N, Pirotta M, Briggs A, Schofield D, Forbes A, Bunker S, French S (2016) Optimising primary care management of knee osteoarthritis: the PARTNER project; (APP1115720) National Health and Medical Research Council Partnership Project $1,168,208.68 over 4 years.

Ian Campbell, Alison Trainer, Mary-Ann Young, Michelle Cunich, (Deborah Schofield AI) (2016) Population based genetic testing for high-risk breast and ovarian cancer predisposition genes. (APP1126679) NHMRC Project Grant $1,112,985.

Kei Lui, Martin Kluckow, Brian Darlow, Paolo Manzoni, Adrienne Kirby, Neil Marlow, David Osborn, (Deborah Schofield AI) (2016) Does bovine lactoferrin prevent death or disability in very low birthweight infants? Childhood follow up in the NHMRC LIFT study. (APP 1130281) NHMRC Project Grant $1,474,012

2011 - 2015

North K, Sinclair A, Liang N, Christodoulou J, Oshlack A, Thorn N, Scott H, Dinger M, Hanson D, Lonie A, Schofield D et al (2015) Preparing Australia for Genomic Medicine: A Proposal by the Australian Genomics Health Alliance. (APP1113531) NHMRC Targeted Research Call into Genomics $25 million over 5 years.

Sue C, Christodoulou J, Schofield D (2015) Using whole genome sequencing to transform the diagnostic paradigm for mitochondrial disease. Genomics Collaborative Grants Program NSW Health. $740,000.

Schofield D, Lymer S, Colagiuri S (2014) Modelling the economic impacts of obesity. Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals $150,000.

Schofield D, Shrestha R, Cunich, M (2014) Measuring labour productivity and the benefits of interventions for osteoarthritis, Medicines Australia, $243,000.

Schofield D, Shrestha R, Cunich M (2014) Keep on keeping on: Predicting who will be able to work until they are 70 years old. IRT Research Foundation Grants. $84,000.

Kasparian N, Schofield D et al (2014) Critical illness in children: Can we afford to neglect the psychosocial risks? The impact, acceptability, and cost-effectiveness of routine psychosocial assessment and stepped care for families of infants with heart disease. NHMRC Project Grant (APP1081001) $932,563 over 3 years.

Schofield D, Shrestha R, Cunich M (2014) The productivity impacts of Arthritis for patients and carers. Arthritis Australia. $125,000.

Schofield D (2014) Collaboration Agreement with The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. $903,692 over three years (became $125,000 plus a half time Director/Prof position, 1 Academic level B and 1 Level C and a PhD Scholarship over 5 years).

Schofield D, Shrestha R (2013) Modelling the economic impacts of an intervention for ankylosing spondylitis. Abbott Laboratories Australia $100,000.

Deborah Schofield, Theo Vos, Simon Kelly, Megan Passey, Rupendra Shrestha, Rob Tanton, Mendel Grobler (2012) Improving decision making on health interventions: factoring in the long term economic impacts of informal (unpaid) care. NHMRC Partnership Project Grant $1,100,000 over three years. (APP1055037).

Emily Callander (Deborah Schofield and Simon Kelly supervisors) (2012) Ill health and long term living standards. NHMRC Australian Public Health Fellowship. $299,564 (APP1052742).

CIA - Professor William Tarnow-Mordi CIB - Professor Roger Soll CIC - Doctor Paolo Manzoni CID - Professor Brian Darlow CIE - Professor David Isaacs CIF - Associate Professor Kei Lui CIG - Professor Deborah Schofield CIH - Associate Professor Dominic Wilkinson CII - Doctor Andrew Martin CIJ - Doctor Wendy Hague (2012) Does bovine lactoferrin (bLF) reduce mortality and morbidity in very low birth weight infants? NHMRC Project Grant $2,203,170 (APP1047100).

Schofield D, Shrestha R, Verry H, Yarbrough J, Callander E (2012) Two scoping studies: 1. Economic impacts of an intervention for ankylosing spondylitis, 2. Including productivity impacts in a utility measure. Abbott Laboratories Australia $95,000

Schofield D Callander E Shrestha R Kelly S (2012) Working Beyond the Traditional Retirement Age: Quantifying the Benefits for Retirement Savings. National Seniors Australia Productive Ageing Grants $40,000.

Mark Harris, Siaw Teng Liaw, Gawaine Powell-Davies, Upali Jayasinghe, Adrian Bauman, Ian Caterson, Deborah Schofield, Elizabeth Denney-Wilson, Noel Hayman, Deborah Askew, Rachel Laws, Karen Campbell, David Crawford, Kylie Ball, Nigel Stock, John Lynch, John Karnon, Iain Broom, Rachael Taylor (2012) COMPaRE–PHC: Centre Obesity Management and Prevention Research Excellence in Primary Health Care. Centres of Research Excellence in Primary Health Care Round 3. $2,500,000 over four years.

John Simes, Tony Keech, Val Gebski, Martin Stockler, Ian Caterson, Stephen Colagiuri, Deborah Schofield, Ian Marschner (2012) Advancing the Evidence Base for Care and Policy in Priority Health Areas. NHMRC Program Grant $10,643,130 over 5 years (APP1037786).

John Buchanan, Phil Bohle, Deborah Schofield, Stephen Colagiuiri, Ian Hickie, Nick Glozier, Tim Shaw, Stephen Leeder, Ron Grunstein, Joellen Riley, Richard Johnstone, Michael Quinlan, Toni Schofield, Mairwen Jones, Lynda Matthews, Tony Grant, Sandra West, Tim Chen, Daniel Nyberg, Rupendra Shrestha, Toby Fattore, Linda Scott, Martha Knox, and Maria McNamara (2012) Health and work research network. University of Sydney Research Networks Scheme (SyReNS), The University of Sydney, $230,000.

Macquarie University, Wright, Westoby, Prentice, et al (2012-2013) Research Infrastructure Grant. Upgrading Plant Physiology teaching equipment $85,000

Chief Investigators including Medlyn, Zeppel. (2012) MQSIS, Macquarie University Teaching and Learning Funding. Plant Physiology teaching equipment $45,000

Zeppel, Melanie Macquarie University top up grant (2012-2015) Shifting rainfall from spring to autumn: tree growth and water use under climate change. $25,000

Zeppel, Melanie (2011) Shifting rainfall from spring to autumn: water use under climate change. Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher. 2012-2015. $375,000

Emily Callander, Deborah Schofield and Rupendra Shrestha (2011) The Effect of Higher Education on the Future Social Participation Opportunities of Children with Poor Health 2011 USYD Widening Participation Grants Program $24,800.

Deborah Schofield and Rupendra Shrestha In confidence $12,500 Department of Health and Ageing

Deborah Schofield, Toby Gould (2011) Care coordination for Older Australians –Analysis of the cost and feasibility of the CCOAC Study. $10,000 Part of a project commissioned by Cancer Australia through Chris Steer Border Medical Oncology.

Deborah Schofield and Rupendra Shrestha (2011) Determination of the economic impact of Lyrica. Pfizer Australia $133,405.

Samara Lewis, Sally Wortley, Henry Ko, Melina Willson, Deborah Schofield (2011) Review of compliance with WHO breastfeeding guidelines. Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing $64,100.

2006 - 2010

Deborah Schofield, Merel Kimman, Hannah Verry, Val Gebski, Andrew Martin (2010) ‘Assessment of New Radiation Oncology Technology and Treatments’ (ANROTAT) project: Health economic and biostatistics. $367, 960 (Source of funding: Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group Limited)

Merel Kimman, Deborah Schofield, Hannah Verry, Val Gebski, Andrew Martin (2010) Health economic and biostatistics workshop for TROG representatives / ANROTAT project. 24th of August 2010, Sydney, Australia. $6000 (Source of funding: Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group Limited)

Joe Scuteri, Lisa Fodero, Ashleigh O’Mahony, Diana Traves, Deborah Schofield, Samara Lewis, Merel Kimman (2010) Review of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items for Pulmonary Artery Catheterisation(PAC) $130,680 ($20,000 CTC)

Schofield D (2010) International travel grant. University of Sydney. $3000.

Zeppel, Melanie Macquarie University Research Fellowship. Water fluxes under climate change in Australian trees. (2010-2012). $330,000

Mel Miller et al (2009) National Mental Health Workforce Strategy. Mental Health Workforce Advisory Committee $20,000.

Deborah Schofield, Dr Megan E Passey, A/Prof Simon J Kelly, Prof Eric T Vos, A/Prof Richard Percival (2009) Long term economic impacts of disease on older workers to 2030: Costs to government and individuals and opportunities for intervention. ARC Linkage Grant $834,700 ($310,000 ARC;  $524,700  Industry Partner Pfizer) 2010-2011 Applied Economics LP100100158

Deborah Schofield (2009) Health and medical research workforce. The Australian Association for Medical Research. $30,800.

Deborah Schofield (2009) Emergency department workforce configuration. NSW Health. $34,000.

Edwina Adams and Deborah Schofield (2009) Productivity of the Radiology Workforce. NSW Treasury. $8000.

Peter Brookes et al (2008) Australian Health Workforce Health Consultancy.

Joe Scuteri, Lisa Fodero and Deborah Schofield (2008) Radiation Oncology Workforce planning $239,800 ($273,900 enhanced)

Schofield D (2008) Modelling methods for simulating privatisation of traffic insurance for health and social security coverage.  Swedish Ministry of Administrative Affairs. $2000.

Schofield D, Fuller J and Coonan (2008) NHMRC Fellowship funding, University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine, June 2008-June 2011, $44,000.

Schofield D (2008) Carers project part 1 – number of carers, NSW Treasury $10,000.

Schofield D (2008) Health workforce project part 2– supply, demand distribution and projections, NSW Treasury $8,000.

Schofield D (2008) Review of information sources on health workforce shortages – supply, demand and projections, NSW Treasury $5,000.

Pit S (Investigator) and Schofield D (supervisor) (2008) Changes in workforce participation among mid-age Australian women: the impact of socio-economic, behavioural, environmental and health-related factors. NHMRC Research Training Fellowship (part-time) App ID. 511998.  $139,500 2008 – 2010.

Schofield D (2008) International travel grant. University of Sydney. $3000.

Derek Eamus, Mark Adams, Dr Melanie Zeppel. Spatially integrated estimates of landscape water fluxes. 2008-2010. ARC Discovery 2008: $240,000

Hewetson M and Schofield D (2007) A pilot study of the personal and professional support needs and future careers of rural and metropolitan hospital pharmacy graduates in NSW, NSW Institute of Rural Clinical Services and Training (as part of the Building Rural Research Capacity Programme), $36,400 over 2 years.

Schofield D and Fletcher S (2007) Retirement intentions and preparedness, NSW Dental Association. $2,000.

Schofield D Earnest E Morgan G (2007) Biostatistics investment to develop the SPH’s capacity in record linkage, synthetic matching and use of large administrative data sources. $65,000 School of Public Health, University of Sydney.

Schofield D (2007) International travel grant. University of Sydney. $3,000.

Armstrong, Zeppel et al. Uni Technology, Syd (UTS). Challenge Grant. A soil-vegetation-atmosphere model for Australian forests. 2006-2007. $50,000

Zeppel and Macinnis. UTS Early Career Researcher Grant. Measuring tree water use in Australian ecosystems. 2006-2007. $24,000

Schofield D and Phillip Clarke (2006). Preferred provider on Panel of Providers of Health Economics Services, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

Bauman A, Redman S, Harris M, Schofield D, Broom D, McMichael A, Bailey S, Bambrick H, Beard J, Byles J, Clark J, Jalaludin B, Jorm L, Nutbeam D, Rodgers B, Woodruff R, Woodward M (2006) Understanding the impact of social, economic and geographic disadvantage on the health of Australians in mid - later life: what are the opportunities for prevention? NHMRC Preventive Healthcare and Strengthening Australia’s Social and Economic Fabric Research Grants ID 4020810 $1,800,000 over 5 years.

Schofield, D. M. Passey and A Earnest Percival R Kelly S (2007) Economic impacts of disease on older workers: Costs to government and individuals and opportunities for intervention ARC linkage grant, $717,000 over three years ($270,000 ARC, $373,600 Pfizer and $73,800 in kind Pfizer). LP0774919

Schofield D M, Passey and A Earnest (2006) Work, health and older working life. Pfizer Australia $60,000

Walton M, Page S, Schofield D, et al (2006) NSW Doctors: A workforce study of the International Medical Workforce, NSW Health $100,000

Lyle D, Frager L, Beard J, Kelly B, Schofield D, Passey M, et al. (2006) Australian Rural Health Research Collaboration, Research and Development Capacity Building Infrastructure Grants Program, NSW Health $1.5 mill

Deborah Schofield (2006), Workforce analysis, Southern Cross University, May 2006 ($6,000)

Deborah Schofield (2006), Policy advice in confidence, The Department of Treasury, 7-8 February 2006 ($3,177 plus travel and in kind costs)

Deborah Schofield and Jeff Fuller (2006), The future of the regional health workforce. University of Sydney R&D Program, ($43,269)

1995 - 2005

Zeppel and Eamus. Australian Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology: Tree water use and growth under drought. 2003-2004. $3,000

Zeppel, Melanie CRC for Greenhouse Accounting.  Impacts of salinity on plant growth and water use. 2002-2005. $20,000

Deborah Schofield and Hauskneckt Peggy (1999), Modelling Strategies for the Chinese Ministry of Labour and Social Security Contributory Pension Scheme, Modelling and Research Unit, Strategic Analysis and Evaluation Branch, Department of Family and Community Services ($20,000)

Polette Josh and Deborah Schofield (1996), An Analysis of the Impact of Alternative Child Care Subsidy Policies , Consultancy paper prepared for the Economic Planning and Advisory Commission, Published in EPAC (1996) Child Care Task Force Interim Report: Commissioned Studies, Canberra, August ($9,300)

Schofield, Deborah (1995), The Impact of Employment and Hours of Work on Health Status and Health Service Usage, Consultancy paper prepared for the National Women’s Health Network, funded by the Department of Social Security, June ($6,500).

Research by Investigator

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