Resilient societies

Resilient societies

Supporting surgical innovation

ARC Future Fellow Professor Wendy Rogers is on a mission to make surgery safer for patients around the world. Her team developed the Macquarie Surgery Innovation Identification Tool (MSIIT), a questionnaire that identifies how much a surgical intervention differs from usual practice. If it meets a certain threshold, the tool triggers support to make it safer for the patient.

“My grand plan is to use the conceptual tools from moral philosophy and ethics to identify and understand practical issues in healthcare and to try to resolve them in ways that make healthcare safer and better for people,” Rogers says.

Our resilient societies future-shaping research priority focuses on understanding cultures in our changing world and building ethical, just and inclusive communities.

Societal transformation

We examine the impact of social, political, religious and environmental change on societies, from ancient to contemporary. Cross-disciplinary research teams explore the effects of societal transformation at various levels: from its impact on personal identity and family dynamics, to the impact of transformation at global and national levels.

Modes of communication

We undertake linguistic and historical on languages (ancient to contemporary) and the transmission and interpretation of cultural traditions. Our cross-disciplinary research teams investigate how people generate, interact and engage with creative writing and performance in our modern world and undertake research on changing media technologies and their social and economic impact.

Ethics, governance and justice

We explore the foundations of ethics, the law, governance and regulatory structures and the impacts of scientific, technological and environmental change on their norms, practices and institutions. Cross-disciplinary research teams seek to analyse and inform policy for more responsible business practices, stronger human rights regimes and greater empowerment for disenfranchised individuals and social groups.

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