Members of CUDOS @ MQ

CUDOS @ MQ group at our annual CUDOS workshop
(Shoal Bay Resort & Spa, Port Stephens - Feb 2012)


Name Email Phone* Room Role
Ams, Martin 5044 W1A 04.514 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Arriola, Alexander 5043 W1A 04.516 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Coutts, David 8970 E6B 2.714 Affiliated Researcher
Dawes, Judith 8903 E6B 2.713 Associate Node Director, CI
Dekker, Peter 8927 W1A 4.511 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Fuerbach, Alex 6145 E6B 2.608 Senior Lecturer
Gross, Simon 5021 W1A 04.501 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Helt, Luke 4889 E6B 2.401 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jackson, Stuart 9137 E6B 123 Affiliated Researcher
Johnston, Benjamin 8960 W1A 04.511 Affiliated Researcher
Piper, Jim
6369 E6B 2.208 Affiliated Researcher
Steel, Mike 8916 E6B 2.708 Associate Professor, CI
Stokes, Alex 5042 W1A 04.W13 Technical Officer
Verinder, Anita 8931 W1A 04.514 Administrator
Withford, Michael 7056 W1A 04.460 Node Director, CI
Yan, Zhizhong 5010 W1A 04.516 Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Name Email Phone* Room Role
Antipov, Sergei W1A 04.W12 PhD Student (AF/MJW)
Chaboyer, Zachary 5011 W1A 04.W20 PhD Student (MJW/MJS)
Douglas, Glen E7B 209 PhD Student (MJW/SG)
Entwisle, Blake W1A 04.W15 PhD Student (MJW/SG)
Maleki, Alireza 8190 E7B 148 PhD Student (JD/MJW)
Ng, Vincent 8929 E7B 165 PhD Student (JD/MJW/DC)
Wan-ismail, Wan-zakiah-binti (Zack) 8190 E7B 148 PhD Student (JD/DC/MJW)
Wieschendorf, Christoph PhD Student (AF/MJW/SG)
Xiantao, Jiang PhD Student (AF/MJW/SG)

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