Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

We offer research, training and education in a broad range of areas including medicine, neuroscience, public health, allied health, psychology, cognitive science and linguistics.

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Research in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences spans the biomedical and clinical sciences, cognitive and brain sciences, health systems and health informatics, linguistics, physiotherapy, psychology and public health.

Areas of research excellence include neuroscience, innovations in healthcare systems, emotional health, expertise, multilingualism, language acquisition in children, reading, and speech and hearing.

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Research news

The bone that could hold the key to preventing repeated ACL injuries
Young athletes who suffer repeated anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries often share a common factor. MQ Health orthopaedic surgeon Dr Michael Dan wants to keep more players on the field by making a procedure already helping our canine companions a more common fix for humans.
COVID-19 pandemic “a dress rehearsal” for climate change
As climate change pushes the weather into more frequent extremes worldwide, we can expect some health conditions to become more common and their symptoms more severe. But is our healthcare system set up to cope? Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite says the short answer is no.
New lung biopsy procedure revolutionises cancer diagnosis process
Macquarie University Hospital respiratory specialists have devised an ingenious combination of existing equipment that can do the work of a million-dollar surgical robot for a fraction of the cost. It is expected to be a significant tool in the 2025 rollout of the Australian Lung Cancer Screening Program.
How families can work together to fight screen addiction
At a time when many children are handed a mobile phone to play with before they can walk, the amount of time they spend with screens, and what they do while there, has never been more important. Professor of Psychology Wayne Warburton explains his concept of the healthy media diet and how it can help both young people and their parents.

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