Facilities at CUDOS @ MQ

The research facilities at CUDOS @ MQ consist of multi-million dollar state-of-the-art laboratories all housed within the Australian Hearing Hub building on the Macquarie University campus.

Femtosecond Laser Laboratories


Our current laser systems and nanometric 3D positioning systems are used to investigate the interaction between ultrashort laser pulses and optical materials for tailored fabrication of 3D waveguide devices.

  • 1 kHz, 120 fs Ti:Sapphire Spectra Physics Hurricane
  • 5 MHz, 50 fs Ti:Sapphire High Power Femtolasers Femtosource Oscillator

Diagnostic Laboratories


These laboratories host the following equipment used for optical characterisation and device packaging.

  • Conventional stereo and advanced Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) microscopes
  • 6-axis nano-precision alignment stages
  • DIC
  • C-band swept wavelength systems (SWS)
  • Abbe refractometer
  • Refractive index profilometer
  • UV optical curing station
  • Various light sources, pump lasers, optical detectors and power meters

Sample Preparation Laboratory


This laboratory supports the growing needs for mechanical processing of glass and crystalline materials by the CUDOS @ MQ group. Systems available include:

  • Diamond face grinder
  • Diamond coring drill
  • Diamond saws
  • Ultrasonic drill
  • Optical polishing and lapping machine
  • Fibre annealing station
  • High temperature ovens

Other Facilities Available to the Centre


The CUDOS group also utilises the expertise and facilities of OptoFab @ MQ which include:

  • 300 kHz, 120 fs Ti:Sapphire Coherent RegA
  • CW & pulsed Ti:Sapphire femtosecond widely tunable Coherent Chameleon
  • High power visible nanosecond laser for cutting, machining & direct-write lithography
  • Fully integrated picosecond 3D-Micromac microSTRUCT compact laser system
  • JEOL cross-sectional polisher
  • Benchtop SEM (Hitachi) with an Energy Dispersion System
  • High performance field emission SEM
  • Computer controlled diamond wire cutter

In addition, members of CUDOS @ MQ have access to a Class 35 (US Standard class 1000) clean room which houses a mask aligner, scriber, wet-chemical bench, vacuum deposition system and profilometer to meet lithographic needs. Access to microanalytical tools is also available in the form of a JEOL analytical Field Emission SEM and a Veeco 3D Optical Profiler.

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