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The Concept Cooperative

Time: May 27th from 4-6pm

Location: 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Ave - 163 Active Learning Space

Join us for a fun two hours sleuthing on ideas and concepts that will blow your mind!

At this event we invite researchers (staff/postdocs/HDR and selected undergraduate students), from all PandA led MQRCs to come together for 2 hours in mixed groups to tackle selected problems which we will pose to the Cooperative. This should be very fun and quite informative for all of us.

These problems will be invited from the collected MQRCs in advance and should be sufficiently general and overarching so that they have relevance to all the MQRC together.

These will be real research questions and we (MQRC directors), will ensure that the problems we will put to the CC will be real problems which have no immediate solution i.e. will require some googlations/web of science sleuthing /quick perusing of papers.

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