Workshop on Future Issues for Multilingual Text Processing

Workshop on Future Issues for Multilingual Text Processing

Workshop on Future Issues for Multilingual Text Processing

A Workshop on Future Issues for Multilingual Text Processing is being held as part of the 4th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Cairns, Australia, on 27th August 1996.

Workshop Program:

The program details of the workshop are outlined below; access an ftpable version of each paper by clicking on its title. You can also download the Call for Papers and a PostScript version of the Program.

Nikos Gaitanis and Stavros Kokkotos
Alphanumeric Text Ordering in Multilingual Environments

Emmanuel Giguet
The Stakes of multilinguality: Multilingual Text Tokenization in Natural Language Diagnosis

Kenichi Handa, Mikiko Nishikimi, Satoru Tomura and Naoto Takahashi
Unified and Extensible Mechanism for Multilingual Text Processing

Xiaorong Huang
Choosing among Architectures for Applied Multilungual Generation

Nick Nicholas
Lojban as a Machine Translation Interlanguage in the Pacific

Rita Nubel
Knowledge Sources for the Disambiguation of Prepositions in Machine Translation

Mark Pedersen and Helen Purchase
Pragmatics versus Purism - taking the best of both worlds

Manny Rayner, Ivan Bretan, Mats Wiren, Sara Rydin and Eleonora Beshai
Composition of Transfer Rules in a Multi-Lingual MT System

Min Zhang
A Faster Structured-Tag Word-Classification Method

Program Committee:

  • Associate Professor Robert Dale, Microsoft Research Institute, Sydney, Australia
  • Dr Dominique Estival, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
  • Dr Fred Popowich, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Professor Junichi Tsujii, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

    Enquiries should be addressed to the workshop coordinator, Dr Dominique Estival (

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