Seminars: 2015

Seminars: 2015

Seminars: 2015

The Centre for Language Technology holds weekly discussion seminars with speakers drawn from amongst the group members and visiting researchers. The following lists details the titles and speakers for recent seminars. Email notices of the seminars are sent on Thursdays. Enquiries regarding these seminars can be addressed to Lan Du.

LTG seminars in 2015

Seminars usually take place on Mondays at 11am in Building E6A, Room 242 (formerly known as 202).


07-Sep-2015: TBA
14-Sep-2015: Adam Dunn
21-Sep-2015: Mark Johnson
28-Sep-2015: Dinh Phung from Deakin University

Past Seminars

19-Jan-2015: Diego Mollá Aliod (Impact of Citing Papers for (Extractive) Summarisation of Clinical Documents)

02-Feb-2015: Yasaman Motazedi (Partial tree linearisation for low-density Languages)
09-Feb-2015: Mark Dras (An Update on Text Segmentation, and An Idea for Shervin's PhD)
16-Feb-2015: No Seminar
23-Feb-2015: Jette Viethen (From Comma Prediction to Comma Correction)

02-Mar-2015: Torsten Schaub(Are Preferences Giving You a Headache?--Take Asprin!)
09-Mar-2015: PhD discussion and Planning Meeting
16-Mar-2015: Mahmood Yousefiazar (Neural Predictive coding)
23-Mar-2015 (E6A 357): Karin Verspoor (Accelerating Biomedical Discovery through large-scale Heterogeneous Data Integration)
30-Mar-2015 (E6A 357): Mark Johson (Sign constraints on feature weights improve a joint model of word segmentation and phonology)

13-Apr-2015: Anish Kumar (Trying a new matrix factorisation method over KBs to improve relation extraction)
20-Apr-2015: Sanjeev Khudanpur from JHU (Statistical Language Modelling Turns Thirty-Something: Are We Ready To Settle Down?)
27-Apr-2015: John Pate (Streaming Variational Approaches for PCFG)

04-May-2015: Robertus Nugroho (Incorporating Tweet Relationships into Topic Derivation)
11-May-2015: (E6A357) Hamed Hassanzadeh from UQ (A Framework for Modelling, Extracting and Consolidating Scientific Artefacts in the Evidence-Based Medicine)
18-May-2015: Mark Johnson
25-May-2015: Charles Kuan (Using TFIDF on Topic Models for Sentence Extraction)

01-Jun-2015: Mahmood Yousefi Azar (Noise-induced Input to Auto-encoders for Query-based Summarisation)
15-Jun-2015: PhD discussion and Planning Meeting
22-Jun-2015: Chris Rauchle (How technology is altering the economics of Indigenous Social Networks)
29-Jun-2015: Mark McDonnell from UNISA (Enhanced image classification with a fast-learning method for convolutional neural networks)

06-Jul-2015: Lan Du (Accounting for burstiness in topic models)
13-Jul-2015: Diego Molla Aliod (Clustering for Evidence Based Medicine)
20-Jul-2015: Dat Quoc Nguyen (MAP estimation for topic modelling)
27-Jul-2015: Rolf Schwitter (Answer Set Programming for Controlled Language Processing)

03-Aug-2015: Mark Dras (Computational Modelling of Language Change)
17-Aug-2015: Steve Cassidy (Linguistic Linked Open Data)
24-Aug-2015: Kairit Sirts (Using distance-dependent Chinese restaurant process prior for unsupervised morphosyntactic clustering)
31-Aug-2015: PhD discussion and Planning Meeting

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