1996 SALS-SIG Seminars

1996 SALS-SIG Seminars

SALS-SIG Research Seminar

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Preamble: Meet the MRI Language Technology Group

Robert Dale
Language Technology Group, Macquarie University

How do I love paraphrasing? Let me count the words.

Mark Dras
Language Technology Group, Macquarie University

When: Friday, 10th May 1996

Time: 4:00pm

Where: Room E6A357, Macquarie University


In this talk I explore whether using quantitative targets, notably readability formulae, is a reasonable thing to do when paraphrasing text. The talk covers roughly:

  • what readability formulae are;
  • their use in editing generally;
  • their use in a computational editing system (in particular, the one I'm going to do).

Enquiries: Maria Milosavljevic 9850 6345 mariam@mpce.mq.edu.au

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