1996 SALS-SIG Seminars

1996 SALS-SIG Seminars

SALS-SIG Research Seminar

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Using Multiple Language Models for Machine Translation

Mark Pedersen
University of Queensland

When: Friday, 27th September 1996

Time: 2:00pm

Where: Room E6A357, Macquarie University


We present a method under development for transferring between Dependency Grammar (DG) formalisms and Phrase Structure Grammar (PSG) formalisms in order to support machine translation (MT) between free and fixed word order languages. Specifically, we define a mapping between Paninian Grammar, a DG based upon the work of Panini, the ancient Sanskrit grammarian, and Joshi's Tree Adjoining Grammar. In a broader sense, we propose that distinct, well defined models of language can be formally related so as to provide an alternative to mono-theoretic models of language which attempt universal coverage.

Enquiries: Maria Milosavljevic 850 6345 mariam@mpce.mq.edu.au

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