1996 SALS-SIG Seminars

1996 SALS-SIG Seminars

SALS-SIG Research Seminar

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Ring out the old, ring in the new: An end of year look at the prospects for language technology

Robert Dale
MRI Language Technology Group

When: Friday, 13th December 1996

Time: 2:00pm

Where: Room E6A357, Macquarie University


In this talk, I'll focus on a theme that has driven an increasing amount of research in the field of natural language processing over the last 5-10 years: a need to construct useful artifacts that show the benefit of using these technologies. I'll look at the kinds of goals researchers in the area set themselves 10 years ago, and compare those with the kinds of goals that have become common more recently; I'll hypothesise as to why it is that NLP research has not always delivered on the promises that have been made, and point to directions I think will play an increasingly important role in the future.

Enquiries: sals@mri.mq.edu.au

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