Our projects

Our projects

The centre has been successful in achieving research grants for many of its research projects.


Our research activities are supported by a number of Australian Research Council and Macquarie University grants. Our current funding arrangements include:

2018-2020 Australian Research Council
"Privacy-Preserving Online User Matching"

($383,826)ARC Discovery Grant,
(Xun Yi, Ibrahim Khalil, Christophe Doche, Elisa Bertino)
2017-2019 Australian Research Council
"What can be computed locally in Dynamic Networks"
($310,000) ARC Discovery Research Grant
(Bernard Mans)        
2014-2016 Australian Research Council
"New Applications of Additive Combinatorics in Number Theory and Graph Theory"
($951,858) ARC Discovery Research Grant
(I. Shparlinski, B. Mans)
2011-2013 Australian Research Council, 
Lattices as a constructive and destructive cryptographic tool
$330,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Igor Shparlinski, Damien Stehle, Ron Steinfeld, Christophe Doche)
2011-2013 Australian Research Council, 
Exploiting dynamic information in mobile networks
$300,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Bernard Mans)
2010-2012 Australian Research Council, 
Mathematics of Cryptography
$240,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Igor Shparlinski)
2009-2013 Australian Research Council, 
Secure and Efficient Cryptographic Hashing
$512,140 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Josef Pieprzyk, Ron Steinfeld and Arjen Lenstra)
2008-2010 Australian Research Council, 
Mathematics of Elliptic Curve Cryptography
$230,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Igor Shparlinski, Christophe Doche and DR Kohel)
2008-2010 Australian Research Council, 
Defence against Physhing Attacks
$400,000 ARC Linkage Grant,
(J.Pieprzyk, B.Watson, A.Ng, M.Dras,S.Cassidy,S.McCombie, B.Reardon, P. Watters)
2007-2009 Macquarie University, 
Efficient and Provably Secure Symmetric Key Cryptographic Primitives
$237,000 Macquarie University Research Fellowship,
(Ron Steinfeld)
2006-2008 Australian Research Council, 
Algorithmics for Extremely Mobile Wireless Networks
$282,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Bernard Mans, P Jacquet)
2006-2008 Australian Research Council, 
Algebraic Properties of Cryptographic Components and their Cryptanalysis
$351,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Josef Pieprzyk, Scott McCallum and Chis Charnes)
2006-2008 Australian Research Council, 
Secure Multi-Party Computation
$390,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Huaxiong Wang, JR Seberry, C Xing and Y Desmedt)
2005-2009 Australian Research Council, 
Mathematics of Cryptography
$505,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Igor Shparlinski)
2005-2007 Australian Research Council, 
Private Information Retrieval
$296,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Huaxiong Wang with Chris Charnes)
2004-2006 Australian Research Council, 
Algebraic models of stream ciphers
$210,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Josef Pieprzyk)
2004-2006 Australian Research Council,
Algebraic methods in design and analysis of stream ciphers
$70,668 ARC Linkage Grant,
(Josef Pieprzyk (with G. Rose and P. Hawkes))
2003-2006 Australian Research Council,
Audit Security Models for Multiparty Internet Transactions
$69,099 ARC Linkage Grant,
(Josef Pieprzyk (with J. Seruga and J. Fick))
2003-2005 Australian Research Council, 
Algebraic Analysis of Cryptosystems
$225,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Josef Pieprzyk and Huaxiong Wang)
2003-2005 Australian Research Council,
Optical realizations of continuous variable quantum information
$208,035 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Stephen Bartlett)
2003-2004 Australian Research Council,
Security Services for Stream-Oriented and Multicast-Based Communication
$100,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(Huaxiong Wang)
2002-2004 Macquarie University,
Theory and Design of Quantum Networks
$248,000 Innovation Fund,
(B. Mans, J. Pieprzyk, B. Sanders and Igor Shparlinski)
2002-2004 Australian Research Council,
Number Theoretical Methods in Cryptography
$250,000 ARC Discovery Grant,
(I. Shparlinski)
2001-2003 Australian Research Council,Secure Multi-Party Collaboration $159,000 ARC Large Grant,
(J. Pieprzyk)
2001-2003 Australian Research Council,
Internet Voting Protocols
$388,000 SPIRT Grant,
(J. Pieprzyk)
2001-2003 Australian Research Council,
Theory and applications of quantum networks
$175 000 ARC Large Grant,(B. Sanders)
2001-2002 Australian Research Council,
Algorithmic and Structural Properties of Cayley Networks
$20,400 IREX,(B. Mans)
2000-2002 Australian Research Council,
Number Theoretical Methods in Graph Theory and Networks
$81,000 ARC Large Grant,
(B. Mans and Igor Shparlinski)
2000-2002 Australian Research Council,
Structural Information and Communication Complexity in Distributed Algorithms
$157,366 ARC Large Grant,
(B. Mans)


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