Our people

Our people

Members and research interests

Bernard Mans

Centre Director 

Professor Bernard Mans
Deputy Dean for the Faculty of Science and Engineering,

Bernard Mans areas of interest include Graph Algorithms, Distributed Algorithms, and Wireless and Mobile Computing.

Scott McCallum

Associate Professor Christophe Doche
Executive Director of the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub

Number Theory and Cryptography

Christophe Doche’s areas of interest include Cryptography (Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography) Analytic Number Theory (Lehmer's problem, Mahler measure, Moments of Rudin-Shapiro polynomials), and Algorithmic Number Theory and efficiency aspects. Current research includes Algebraic and Number Theoretic Methods in Cryptography, Computation and Algorithms in Finite Fields, and Elliptic and Hyperelliptic curve cryptography.

Min Sha

Dr Scott McCallum 

Scott McCallum is a Senior Lecturer in Computing whose research interests are in Symbolic and Algebraic Computation.

Dr Min Sha
Min Sha is a MQ Research Fellow whose research interests are in number theory and its applications.

Dr Daniel Sutantyo

Daniel Sutantyo is a MQ Research Fellow whose research interests are in Algorithms, Cryptography and Information Security

Honorary members

Igor Shparlinski: Computational Number Theory, Complexity Theory, Theoretical Computer Science, Quantum Computation

Luke Mathieson: Graph, Parameterized Complexity and its application

Alina Ostafe: Finite fields and their applications, Algebraic dynamical systems over finite fields.

Associate or previous members [accordion]

Gaetan Bisson: Computational Number Theory and Cryptography

John Corbett: Quantum Computation

Gaurav Gupta: Digital content copyright protection, Digital watermarking and Fingerprinting, Secret sharing

Josef Pieprzyk: Cryptography and Information Security

Reza Rezaeian Farashahi: Number Theory and Cryptography

Ron Steinfeld: Cryptography and Information Security

Damien Stehlé: Cryptography and Information Security

Xianmo Zhang: Cryptography and Information Security

Research Students

Md. Shahzamal: Diffusion Dynamics over Individual Contact Networks

Jeffrey Smith: functional graphs in finite fields

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