Our research

Our research

Our objectives

The Children’s Rights, Participation and Perspectives research stream has three main objectives:

  1. Child-focused research: The stream aims to highlight, support and create research focused on children’s rights. With its emphasis on centring children in research, the stream also provides a space for researchers to discuss the rights of children in the research process itself, as participants and knowledge makers.
  2. Engagement and social impact: The stream works to raise the research profile of its members and facilitate public engagement and social impact. Through public events, workshops and conferences, our members seek to generate informed discussion around children’s rights issues and promote stronger connections between researchers, government agencies, non-government organisations and advocacy groups working in this area.
  3. Research collaboration: The stream helps to strengthen connections between researchers and promote collaboration on children’s rights issues across a wide range of disciplines. It provides opportunities to exchange ideas and share feedback through roundtable discussions, mentoring and cross-faculty supervision of postgraduate students.

Research interests

Our members undertake research on a wide range of topics including:

  • Child care
  • Child welfare systems
  • Child well-being
  • Children and the law
  • Children’s health
  • Children’s literature
  • Children’s participation
  • Children’s rights
  • Education and schooling
  • Family law
  • Family relationships
  • Human rights
  • Indigenous rights
  • Intergenerational ethics
  • Marginalised communities
  • Public policy
  • Refugee law
  • Youth culture
  • Youth justice
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