Our commitment to reconciliation

Our commitment to reconciliation


Macquarie University is committed to creating opportunities that promote, strengthen and enrich the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We recognise that education is a powerful vehicle for change not only for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students but also for their families and communities. As such, the University is strongly committed to improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander access, participation and success. This is achieved through a long-standing dedication to Aboriginal outreach, engagement and employment.

About Walanga Muru

Walanga Muru means ‘follow your path’ in the language of the local Darug People.

At Walanga Muru, Macquarie University’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Engagement and Strategy Office, we seek to engage and assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to choose the right path, to navigate the obstacles and challenges of life, to emerge as strong resilient leaders. This analogy is mirrored through the Wallumai, the Black Snapper fish, a totem gifted to Walanga Muru by the Darug Community.

"The Wallumai is a shy but clever fish, who uses the shadows and patterns created by the mangroves to protect the younger fish. The mangroves are their nursery, their school and their home. The mangroves represent life - the obstacles and tangles that we need to navigate. Once we learn the right path to take, we are safe in that knowledge and in our lives. At Walanga Muru, we seek to assist our students to navigate the obstacles and tangles of life, to emerge as strong, resilient leaders for the future." – Auntie Kerrie Kenton


Macquarie University Reconciliation Action Plan

Macquarie University is proud to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which our campus sits – the Wattamattagal Clan of the Darug Nation – and is dedicated to embeding our relationship with local Aboriginal communities within the University’s culture.

As part of that commitment, Macquarie University has launched our Reconciliation Action Plan. Through this we will build stronger, positive and sustainable relationships with our local Aboriginal Community and find pathways to reflect and include Indigenous knowledge in our teaching and research, while increasing the participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in campus life – whether as students or staff.

Macquarie University Indigenous Strategy 2016 – 2025

The Indigenous Strategy 2016 – 2025 takes a long-term view and aligns with existing Macquarie University frameworks and strategic plans to enhance our aspiration to achieve Indigenous excellence. The strategy provides a coherent vision for Macquarie University’s future across the major activities that lead to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander success. The strategy is underpinned by Macquarie University’s commitment to Indigenous access and participation at our University.

Implementation Plan 2017 – 2019

The Implementation Plan 2017 – 2019 will be the first step in realising the vision of the Indigenous Strategy 2016 – 2025 to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander success at Macquarie University. The first three years will see increases in enrolment, retention and completion rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students; the development of an Aboriginal cultural competency framework; and the enhancement of existing student engagement systems. Achieving these objectives will require a whole-of-University partnership, Aboriginal Community engagement and corporate and key stakeholder engagement.

Cultural Protocols

Cultural protocols are customs, values and guidelines for particular cultural groups. Aboriginal Australian culture is a unique and heterogenous society that has many different cultural protocols observed by various clans and language groups.

The Indigenous Strategy Green Paper

The Indigenous Strategy Green Paper proposed seven new strategic directions for the University that support and promote Indigenous inclusion, access and participation. The green paper was the first step towards building capacity for Indigenous excellence at Macquarie University, and has now been superceded by the 10 year strategy and 3 year implementation plan.

Aboriginal Workforce Plan

The Macquarie University Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforce Plan is an integral step in the University’s commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The Workforce Plan provides a framework that ensures our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce is aligned to a university that is renowned for its cultural safety, career opportunities and strong collaboration with Aboriginal communities. The University is committed to reconciliation and to our responsibilities as educators and employers in this process.

The Macquarie University Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforce Plan focuses on providing a culturally safe and inclusive university environment for all staff; the development of strategies for attracting quality applicants for academic and professional positions at all levels of the University and an internal environment that promotes professional and personal growth for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff with strong community collaboration.

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