Manawari Cultural Safety Training

Manawari Cultural Safety Training

Manawari Respect, Reciprocity and Relationships Training is proving to be a fantastic tool to increase relationships with key Faculties, Departments and offices across Macquarie University with several key partnerships being formed and several more emerging. The demand for Manawari grows.

The purpose of this training is to motivate and build a positive knowledge position for Macquarie University staff. The development and implementation of a high quality culturally appropriate training framework will lead to meaningful understanding and respect for Aboriginal cultural values, histories, beliefs, practices, knowledges and philosophies across the University. This process will have a positive impact on University staffs’ confidence in establishing appropriate, sustainable relationships leading to a culturally inclusive environment at Macquarie University.

The Aboriginal Respect, Reciprocity and Relationships training will assist in ensuring that all Macquarie University staff are empowered to deliver a more respectful, responsive and culturally sensitive service to Aboriginal staff, students and their respective families.

The Aboriginal Respect, Reciprocity and Relationships training has been designed to improve staff knowledge of the diverse culture beliefs, customs and community protocols. Macquarie University staff and students will be given every opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge to enhance their skills base to interact positively, increase their confidence and improve communication and engagement with Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal Respect, Reciprocity and Relationships Training Workshops consist of three stages;

  1. Pre-Face 2 Face Online Modules, Staff must complete the online component at least seven days prior to participating in the Face 2 Face workshops. The online component should take each staff member around 3 hours to complete
  2. Face 2 Face will be for three hours, and
  3. Post-Face 2 Face - Faculty, Department, Office Action Plans that are directly related to the Macquarie University’s Reconciliation Statement and the range of actions that drive the Statement
Baduwa – Develop New Knowledge

As with Manawari the purpose of this Aboriginal Respect, Reciprocity and Relationships Training is similar but with a focus on students. The content within the program provides a broad introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories. By creating an awareness and touching upon topical discussion points the program will hopefully encourage students to learn more and undertake an accredited Indigenous studies unit to compliment and 'value add' to their current studies. The training consists of an online component only which should take approximately 3 hours to complete and will be part of the students’ compulsory values-based learning module along with academic integrity, ‘Respect, Now, Always’ and sustainability allowing them to proceed into their university studies.

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