Virtual reality lab

Virtual reality lab

The Virtual reality lab is the home for VISOR (Virtual and Interactive Simulations of Reality) research group which has an evolving history of ongoing interdisciplinary research collaboration between the Departments of Computing and Psychology.

Current research

We are designing futuristic interfaces for human-computer interaction. Our virtual reality tools allow us to use today's computers with less effort. The idea is there won't be a computer to communicate with anymore but one ubiquitous system. You will use your natural speech, gesture, facial animations to communicate with them and future's computer systems will be able to sense your emotions and engagement in task performance.


  • Active stereo 3D 18.8m wide (240 degree) Cylindrical Panoramic projection system.
  • Intel i7-4790 cup @ 3.60 GhZ Quad core Graphics Computer System, Nvidia quadro K6000 graphics card, 12.28GB video memory, 16GB RAM, 64-bit Windows7 operating system
  • Network of 1 master + 3 slaves
  • Augmented Reality headset
  • Emotive (EEG) headset
  • Piezoresistive Sensor Jacket
  • Gypsy 4 mechanical motion capture suit.
  • X-IST infrared Face tracking camera.
  • 5DT Data Gloves
  • Piezoresistive Sensor Gloves
  • Visor Head mounted display.
  • Intersense Intertiacube2 3D positional tracking device.
  • Microsoft Kinect
  • Wiimotes

The Simulation Hub also has a multi-purpose laboratory that can be used by research participants to recover from motion sickness after a simulation experience. Additionally, the Hub has a large waiting room that visitors can view our current projects. The simulation laboratories are co-located around central control rooms to facilitate both collaboration and the cross-fertilisation of initiatives.

Services and access

  • Access and training
  • Consultation services
  • Contract research & development

Arrangements can be made for both internal and external hire. These services are provided as a means to boost maintenance of the VR facilities.

Connect with us

Manolya Kavakli

A/Prof Manolya Kavakli

Virtual Reality Lab Leader
Director of of Postgraduate Coursework
Department of Computing


Building Y3A, Ground Floor
16 University Avenue
Macquarie University
NSW 2109
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