Student contributions in 2018

Student contributions in 2018

Thanks to all the PACE MHIS306 and MRes students who participated in CAH activities this year. Caitlin Adams (who recently completed Year 2 of the MRes) has taken over management of the Centre’s twitter account – thanks Caitlin!

Please follow our activities and applied history news: @AppliedHist

More from Caitlin Adams: During the History Council of NSW’s History Week 2018, I created and conducted a walking tour of the suburb of Ashfield. The two-hour tour, 'Poor and Prosperous', explored the intersecting lives of Ashfield’s wealthy and poor residents between 1850 and 1950. Following the imaginary life-trajectory of a working-class woman and her illegitimate child, it explored a combination of private homes and the sites of past and present charitable institutions. It was a very well-attended event, with about 30 people participating.

Jennifer McLaren who was awarded her PhD this year wrote a blogpost on Female Factory Online. She profiled an Irish convict who spent years in/out of the Female Factory.
Read Jennifer's story about Ann Lambert.

Georgia McWhinney (Year 2 PhD student) co-authored the Royal Australian Historical Society Spanish Flu centenary publication, An Intimate Pandemic: Creating Community Histories of the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic, alongside Peter Hobbins and Alison Wishart.

She also undertook research with Ian Hoskins on the first history of North Sydney’s Chinese Community. This is forthcoming as a website.

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