Externally Funded Projects for 2018

Externally Funded Projects for 2018

State Library of NSW – oral history project on female NSW athletes

Tanya Evans undertook interviews with Liz Ellis, Melissa Wu, Heather McKay, Poppy Starr Olsen, Hannah Campbell Pegg and Leana Curtis. Two MHIS306 PACE students assisted her on the project in Semester 1 2018. Former MRes student Greer Gamble has worked as a wonderful research assistant on the project. Thanks to all involved!

Australian History Museum – Jane Thogerson

The Art and Object Engagement Program had a successful year with the FACS NSW Liveable Communities Grant of $41,000 that allowed us to open the program to people living at home with dementia and their carers. We are also working more closely with specialists in the community and have provided training sessions for other arts and culture facilities to develop similar programs (including for the Opera House, Sydney Living Museums, Hazelhurst Gallery, Gosford Gallery). We have been working with researchers and students to test observation methodologies and hope to commence recording oral histories in session 1 2019.

We presented the program at the 2018 Universeum Conference in Glasgow in June as a poster presentation, and as a presentation at the 2018 CAUMAC Symposium at ANU earlier in the year. It was also presented as an approach to life-long learning at The Knowledgeable Object Symposium at MQ in Nov 2018.

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