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Professor Bronwen Neil

Professor, Department of Ancient History, BA (Hons I) QLD, MATR (Durham), PhD (Australian Catholic University), FAHA

Bronwen's research interests include Byzantine social, cultural and intellectual history; Patristics; Late Antiquity; Byzantine Greek; Eastern Christianity; the Early Middle Ages and Latin language and literature.

Deputy Director

Associate Professor Malcolm Choat

Associate Professor, Department of Ancient History, BA (Hons) University of Queensland, PhD Macquarie University

Malcolm Choat's research interests include Graeco-Roman Egypt and the interaction of Classical (Greek and Roman) and Egyptian cultures from Alexander the Great to the Arab conquest (332 BCE–642 CE), and early Christianity, particularly from a papyrological perspective.

Ancient History Research Director

Professor Ray Laurence

Professor, Department of Ancient History, BA Wales, PhD Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Ray Laurence's research interests centre on the study of Roman Urbanism. He also works on the study of childhood and ageing in antiquity, as well as roads and communications technologies in the Roman Empire.


Dr Ronika Power

Lecturer, Department of Ancient History, BA AHist (Hons.I) Macquarie University, MSc HOP Bradford, PhD Macquarie University

Ronika Power's research interests align with biocultural archaeological approaches, whereby data derived from scientific analyses of the human body is interpreted in conjunction with all other forms of archaeological and historical evidence to provide meaningful insights into the demography, health, life-ways and world-views of individuals and groups from past populations.

Associate Professor Boyo Ockinga

Associate Professor, Department of Ancient History, MA Auck., DPhil Tübingen

Boyo Ockinga has conducted regular fieldwork projects in Egypt at a number of sites - Nag El Mashayikh, Awlad Azzaz (Sohag), Dra Abu El Naga (Luxor) and Saqqara - working on the epigraphic and archaeological recording of New Kingdom tombs. Since 1991 he has directed the Macquarie Theban Tombs Project at Dra Abu El Naga.

Associate Professor Ken Sheedy

Associate Professor, Department of Ancient History, BA (Hons), MA (Hons), PhD University of Sydney, Founding Director of ACANS

Ken Sheedy's research interests are Greek numismatics and the art and archaeology of Greece with emphasis on the archaic period. He has a special interest in the archaeology and history of the Cycladic Islands. In addition to his on-going studies in the coinage of the Cyclades, South Italy and Athens, he is interested in Geometric pottery, Protoattic pottery, archaic sculpture and the early history of Delos.


Associate Professor Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides

Department of Ancient History

Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides is currently working on a project entitled Platonic Inebriation and its Reception in the Middle Ages. Her research interests include early christianity and the ancient Near East.

Dr Caillan Davenport

Department of Ancient History

Caillan Davenport's research focuses on Roman history from the Roman Republic through to Late Antiquity, with a special focus on Roman emperors.

Dr Danijel Dzino

Department of International Studies and Department of Ancient History

Danijel Dzino's research is focused on the region of ancient and early medieval Illyricum, which roughly corresponds with the western and central regions of the Balkan peninsula, the modern countries of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Slovenia, and the surrounding regions.

Dr Linda Evans

Department of Ancient History

Linda Evans' research interests include the representation and role of animals in the ancient Mediterranean region and the human-animal relationship in the ancient world.

Dr Trevor Evans

Department of Ancient History

Trevor Evans has broad research interests in the history of the Greek and Latin languages within their changing cultural contexts. A special focus is the Greek of the post-classical period (300BCE – 600CE) and in particular the language of individuals, social variation, bilingualism and ancient literacy.

Associate Professor Andrew Gillett

Department of Ancient History

Andrew Gillett’s field of research and teaching is Late Antiquity, the intersection between the ancient world (of classical Greece, Rome, and Iran/Persia) and the medieval/early modern period (of western Europe, Byzantium, and Islam), with emphasis on western Europe from the fourth to the seventh centuries.

Professor Damian Gore

Department of Environmental Sciences

Damian Gore conducts research in the areas of Climatology, Geology, and Paleoclimatology.

Professor Naguib Kanawati

Department of Ancient History

Naguib Kanawati is an Egyptologist with a special interest in the Old Kingdom.

Dr Meaghan McEvoy

Department of Ancient History

Meaghan McEvoy's interests include rulership and ideology in the Roman imperial, late antique and Byzantine worlds.

Associate Professor Paul McKechnie

Department of Ancient History

Paul McKechnie’s teaching and research interests include the Hellenistic (especially Ptolemaic) world and early Christianity.

Professional Staff

Dr Alice McClymont

Department of Ancient History

Alice McClymont is an Egyptologist whose research interests include the Theban necropolis and the Amarna period.

Ms Natalie Mylonas (FHEA)

Department of Ancient History

Natalie Mylonas is a PhD candidate at Macquarie whose research interests include early Christianity, sex and gender in the Late Antique east, the history of emotions, and the Hebrew Bible.

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