Elements of Risk Governance and Culture (CIFR - E039) , Business and Economics, Macquarie University

Elements of Risk Governance and Culture (CIFR - E039) , Business and Economics, Macquarie University

Elizabeth and BarbaraElizabeth Sheedy (left) and Barbara Griffin (right)

We are a university-based group conducting research into the risk culture of large financial institutions. Bringing together expertise in financial risk management, organisational psychology, survey design and state of the art statistical analysis, we have developed the first rigorously validated survey instrument to assess risk culture. We are able to provide risk culture assessments on a consulting basis using our evidence-based methods. Find out more.

Research Team Leaders

Elizabeth Sheedy PhD

  • Financial risk specialist based at the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre
  • Responsible for risk management specialization in Master of Applied Finance
  • Expertise in modelling market risk, derivatives, governance
  • Industry experience with Macquarie Bank, Westpac
  • Editor/Author The Professional Risk Managers' Handbook
  • Active in professional associations (PRMIA, RMA)
  • Scholarly publications in financial risk modelling

Barbara Griffin PhD

  • Organisational psychologist based in Macquarie's Department of Psychology
  • Program Director Master of Organizational Psychology
  • Expertise in adaptive performance, selection, retirement decision-making, gaming of survey instruments, interpersonal mistreatment at work and culture assessment.
  • Published widely in high impact journals
  • Applied research and consulting: Dept Premier & Cabinet, Sydney Airport Authority, NSW Fire Brigades, Macquarie Bank, CBA, CSIRO

Media Mentions

Machiavellian bankers in firing line over scandals

The Risk-Culture project, a world-first study based on a survey of bankers in Australia and Canada.

Elizabeth Sheedy was interviewed in AB+F

"When the corporate watchdog or competition regulator comes to deal with the banks involved in the manipulation of Australian financial market benchmarks, whose jobs are on the line?"

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To find out more about participating in the research or a risk culture assessment please contact Associate Professor Elizabeth Sheedy

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