WiMed Research Centre

WiMed Research Centre

WiMed Research Centre

Our mission is to transform leading research into wireless medical devices and their applications.

Macquarie University’s WiMed Research Centre hosts a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from areas across engineering, medicine and science. Working together to develop innovative wireless medical solutions and imaging technology, our research centre designs and implements wireless (“Wi”) medical (“Med”) technology.

WiMed was formed to provide practical solutions in wireless technology. These advances are designed to meet the ever-growing need for more sophisticated medical devices and various types of biological sensing.

Functioning as a highly collaborative research environment, our Centre is anchored by the rich history of Macquarie’s Department of Engineering and its cutting-edge contributions to wireless electronics and communications. The research within the Centre is also underpinned by expertise in mathematics and statistics, and further supported by clinicians at the Macquarie University Hospital. Most notably, many of our activities enrich the growing body of work at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

With engineering expertise spanning across electronic devices, implant radio platforms and wireless technologies, our research is conducted through a multi-layered approach. Initiatives also include sensing and actuating technologies, biocompatible materials and sensors, and advancements across medical imaging and radiotherapy.

Further interests in the medical field see our researchers working in enhancing cardiovascular devices, neurostimulation, ophthalmology and orthopaedic devices.

As we proceed to position ourselves as pioneers in WiMed, our researchers aim to develop wireless and sensing technologies for use on a variety of medical devices. Our contributions continue to further embed our focus on vascular processes monitoring, neuro-stimulation, drug delivery and testing, early glaucoma diagnosis and radiotherapy. With an extensive list of interests at hand for our Centre, we continue to offer our members endless opportunities to support future WiMed technology and advances.

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