Behavioural Science Laboratory research opportunities - Department of Psychology

Behavioural Science Laboratory research opportunities - Department of Psychology

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Australian Undergraduate Drinking Problems

Participants: Macquarie University undergraduates aged 18-25 years old

Purpose: This study explores problems associated with various types of alcoholic drinks amongst university students. The principle purpose of this study is to investigate whether students experience different consequences depending on what they drink. A secondary aim of this study is to determine if our interview method is reliable.

Requirements: Two, 20-25 minute interviews spaced two weeks apart. Interviews assess your drinking history over the past 90 days.

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Examination of Craving for Cannabis

Participants: Adults who regularly use cannabis

Purpose:  This study examines how drug paraphernalia influence cravings. 

Tasks:  During these sessions, participants will be presented with their own cannabis paraphernalia and with the lab’s paraphernalia. Participants will verbally report on their cravings, while we also monitor heart rate and sweating intensity.

Requirements: Your choice--Daily participation for 5 consecutive days or bi-weekly participation. Daily participation involves 5, 1-2hr sessions. Bi-weekly participation involves 1, 2-hr session and 1, 7-hr session.

Reimbursement: Up to $280 dollars

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