The Multilingualism Research Centre has a number of resources available for free download. These are currently available from the Multilingual Sydney website. They include:

What are languages worth? Community languages for the future of New South Wales (Alice Chik, Phil Benson, Garry Falloon & Jim Forrest). 
A report prepared for the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools. This report draws on Australian and international research to evaluate the contribution of community languages to the economic, social and cultural future of New South Wales.

Languages of Sydney: The people and the passion (Alice Chik, Susan Markose & Diane Alperstein).
A free open-access resource for language teachers to use visual method (drawing/photo) to understand learners' perspectives, motivation, and strategies on language learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Multilingual Sydney Working Papers
A series of working papers designed to make pre-publication findings of Multilingualism Research Centre projects available to academic colleagues, students and community partners.

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