Varieties of English in the Indo-Pacific

Varieties of English in the Indo-Pacific

Varieties of English in the Indo-Pacific — English in contact

VEIP–EIC is the acronym for an international research initiative, embracing the now numerous varieties of English in the Indo-Pacific, and focusing on their contact with other languages in areas adjacent to the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

VEIP was endorsed by the Union Academique Internationale in May 2015, as one of its major projects. 

It is co-directed by Emeritus Professor Pam Peters (Macquarie University) and Professor Kate Burridge (Monash University), with research collaborators based at other universities in Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda, United Kingdom

Through its research members, VEIP is affiliated with the Australian Academy of the Humanities, the British Academy, the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities, the Royal Society of New Zealand
VEIP members and associates are leading research on English in contact in the areas listed in the right-hand column, all linked to further details about each project. The projects contribute to the larger research questions of languages in contact, past and present, through research strands in which two or more projects are engaged.

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