Australian Voices

Australian Voices

Australian Voices is a national initiative to collect the accents of 1000 Australian English speakers.

Australian English accents from adults of all ages from various locations in all states and territories will be collected to represent the regional and social diversity of Australian English.

Project leader: Felicity Cox

Australian English

Australian English is the standard language spoken in Australia. In addition to English, over 200 languages are spoken in Australia and more than 50,000 people speak an Australian indigenous language (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006).

Creating a speech atlas for Australian English

Among native-born Australians, there are at least three categories of English:

  • standard Australian English
  • Aboriginal English varieties
  • various ethnocultural Australian English dialects.

The goal of our research is to construct a model to accurately depict sociophonetic variation and ultimately to create a speech atlas for Australian English.

The label ‘Australian English’ should be considered a term that embraces all of these various dialectal types. Such a modification to the traditional concept of Australian English will help capture the linguistic landscape of the changing Australian culture.

For more information visit Australian Voices website.

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