What's new?

What's new?

The Australian Voices site was launched on Australia Day, 26 January, 2010. It is an educational resource for members of the public, primary and secondary school children, tertiary students and academics.


18 April 2012

Felicity's book was published containing details of Australian English.
Cox, F. (2012) Australian English: Pronunciation and Transcription, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.

29 January 2010

The documentary "The Sounds of Aus" will make a return to ABC TV on Monday evening 1st February at 6pm.

"You can't tell an Australian by the way they look, but the minute they open their mouths, the guessing is over. But why do we speak the way we do? Comedian John Clarke attempts to find out."

In 2008, "The Sounds of Aus" was nominated for a TV Week Logie award in the Most Outstanding Documentary Series category.

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