Upcoming events

DateType of EventSpeakerDescription
July 2020Visiting Research Fellowship at MacquarieDr Jurgen De Wispelaere, Policy Fellow, IPR & Guest Professor, Tampere UniversityJurgen De Wispelaere is a leading expert on the political economy of basic income proposals, with previous work exploring the public administration and political feasibility of universal basic income (UBI). His research focus in recent years includes rethinking the UBI-employment nexus, notably in relation to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged workers in precarious labour markets. This new research focus includes both philosophical and sociological perspectives. The purpose of this Visiting Fellowship is to ground these perspectives into a research project on the moral economy of UBI in collaboration with philosophy and sociology faculty at Macquarie.

Past events

DateType of EventSpeakerDescription
8 November 2019Symposium on ‘Market-Driven Dynamics In Social Policy In Ageing Australia’ at the Australian Association of GerontologyMPI members Associate Prof Ben Spies-Butcher, Prof Anna Howe, Prof Gabrielle Meagher, and Associate Prof Timothy Kyng

Ben’s topic: ‘Reimagining social insurance in the age of marketization: connecting aged care and pension financing in Australia’

Gabrielle and Anna’s first topic: ‘Marketisation in community care: Impacts of private sector provision of Home Care’

Gabrielle and Anna’s second topic: ‘How has marketisation of community care affected clients and care workers?’

Timothy’s topic: ‘How does retirement village residency adversely affect seniors financially?’

27 September 2019Workshop on ‘Services liberalization in the European Union: A political economy approach’ in LisbonThe workshop brought together internationally renowned scholars from Europe and the United StatesThis workshop was organised by MPI member Dr Francesco Stolfi and Dr Catherine Moury (Universidade Nova, Lisbon)
17 September 2019MPI Seminar

Dr Hanna Ylöstalo, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Dr Johannes Kananen, Helsinki Inequality Initiative, Helsinki University

Hanna Ylöstalo’s topic: ‘Missing “Plan F” – A battle between knowledge, economy and equality in the changing welfare state (2017-2020)’

Johannes Kananen’s topic: ‘Creative social policy and basic income’

5 September 2019Seminar in the Department of Economics, MacquarieMPI member, Dr Sung-Young Kim, from the Department of Politics and International Relations, MacquarieSung-Young’s topic: ‘The Emergence of “Hybridized Industrial Ecosystems” in East Asia: An institutional basis for shifting economies to green energy and Circular Economy foundations?’
16 August 2019MPI SeminarDr Skellern, PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics, and currently a Visiting Fellow at the LSE Department of Health PolicyDr Skellern’s topic: ‘Does Choice and Competition in Public Services Improve the Performance of Non-Altruistic Providers, but Worsen the Performance of Altruistic Providers?’
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