Trouble: A Place in Time

Trouble: A Place in Time

Work by Julie-Anne Long. The starting point for this research is a concern, shared by many in the performing arts, that the small-to-medium dance sector in Australia has been in a state of crisis for almost two decades.

In 2002, when Long began her PhD Walking in Sydney Looking for Dancing, causes for the state of crisis in which the small-to-medium dance sector had existed since the mid 1990s were attributed, by artists and organizations in the sector, to insufficient government funding. The approach of her thesis was to reframe the crisis as one of place and space, rather than simply financial structures.

The approach of this research is to address the crisis by trialing and exploring new innovative models for dance and performance making.

Practice-based models will be devised that advocate the social and build constructive communitarian relationships; models that support distributed collaborative practices and new dance-making agendas that look to other disciplines for connecting and creating across form and content.

The intention is to propose tactical solutions to enable ambitious yet resource-light models of production that will potentially generate new dance funding models, and improve sustainability of the sector.

Take a look at the work-in-progress screen test here.

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