Engage with our Higher Degree Research candidates

Engage with our Higher Degree Research candidates

Higher Degree Research graduates (PhD & Master of Research) are highly skilled and are now working in many different industries in addition to academia. HDR candidates who engage with industry, while they are still completing their studies, gives organisations an opportunity to experience the many benefits of engaging with these highly skilled candidates, while supporting their transition into the workplace.

Value to organisations include:

  • impetus for new thinking, ideas and research
  • research solutions for challenges facing the organisation or the whole industry
  • working on short-term projects, allowing flexibility for others in the organisation
  • collaboration with academic supervisors who have other specialist knowledge
  • additional skill sets brought to the organisation
  • improvement in broader employee engagement and workplace culture
  • a building of the talent pipeline to assist with future recruitment.

How you can engage with Higher Degree Research students at Macquarie University


MRES701 PACE for Research Internship

The MRES701 PACE for Research unit provides first year Masters of Research students with the opportunity to undertake research as part of a research team or in community or industry settings. In consultation with a partner organisation/research team leader, students identify, design, manage and conduct a research project that aligns with the strategic priorities of that organisation/team

Projects may consist of a range of activities but need to involve a problem or issue that the intern can grapple with using their research skills.  Projects outside of academia can include activities such as analysing and cataloguing complex data to produce a searchable database, or to propose solutions/recommendations to a problem that requires the use of their research skills.The student  projects are overseen and guided by a host supervisor and supported through a series of academic seminars on campus.

Information for interested host organisations

  • Students complete the internship in Session 2 (August – November)
  • 100 activity hours – can be completed in a way that suits the partner and student
  • Can be paid or unpaid by host organisation
  • Insurance is provided by the university if the internship meets WHS criteria

APR Intern

Engage a PhD candidate in a cost-effective internship

Macquarie University works closely with the APR.Intern program which aims to support industry-based training of PhD research candidates in all Australian universities, to increase employability and broaden business and university collaborations. Eligible organisations can avail of a 50% rebate on the internship costs.

The program provides an alternative cost-effective solution for challenges facing Australian businesses. It also provides a platform for small-to-medium and large enterprises, and government agencies, in all industry sectors to connect with high-end PhD research expertise through short-term 3-5 month tightly focused and results driven projects.

Benefits of the APR Intern program

  • Fill a skills gap - Access specialist PhD students & academic mentor expertise to fast track innovation
  • Rapid results in 3-5 months - Access specialist PhD students & academic mentor expertise to fast track innovation
  • Retain Intellectual Property - All project-related IP remains with the business
  • Minimal Administration - No HR costs, all facilitation by APR.Intern
  • Achieve gender equity - Accelerate women in STEM

Other engagement options

If you are interested in engaging with HDR candidates either Master Research or PhD we invite you to contact us about speaking opportunities on panels, workshops or be interviewed for our podcast series. We particularly welcome HDR alumni of Macquarie University and those with a research qualification from other universities.


Contact Catherine Ennis, HDR Industry Engagement and Placements Manager by email or phone to discuss how you can engage with our Master of Research and PhD candidates.  E: catherine.ennis@mq.edu.au T: 9850 7821

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