Research Collaboration and Partnerships

Research Collaboration and Partnerships

COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: Please note that Macquarie University's Research Services remains OPEN and the Research Partnerships Managers will continue to support new and existing partnerships, adhering to all public safety measures in place. Please check University and Government announcements for latest updates as these may affect the feasibility of some research.


Our rapidly changing world requires solutions to big and complex challenges – from eliminating life-threatening illnesses to setting society-shaping policies.

At Macquarie University, we’re passionate about and committed to making a positive impact on a changing world. We understand the big picture and have the expertise to make a difference, but collaboration and partnerships are vital in finding multifaceted solutions to the more complex problems we face.

  • Partner with us

    Partnering with Macquarie gives your organisation access to Australia's leading researchers and academic minds.

  • Success stories

    Success stories

    We have years of experience in pioneering research collaborations with industry, business and the public sector.

  • Partnership funding and development

    Partnership funding and development

    Information about partnership funding, developing and submitting partner-funded proposals.

Contact us

Please contact one of our Research Partnerships Managers to learn more about the research expertise that exists in the University.

If you are unsure which Research Partnerships Manager to approach, email

Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston 
Research Partnerships Manager - Human Sciences
Future Shaping Research Priorities: Healthy People, Prosperous Economies
Telephone: 61 2 9850 7577
Mark Berlage
Mark Berlage 
Research Partnerships Manager - Science and Engineering
Future Shaping Research Priorities: Secure Planet, Innovative Technologies
Telephone: 61 2 9850 4058
Mobile: 0407 407 327
Jenny-Lee (J-L) Heylen
Research Partnerships Manager - Arts, Business and Economics
 Future Shaping Research Priorities: Resilient Societies, Prosperous Economies
61 2 9850 4057 
0437 644 996
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