Communities and partnerships

Communities and partnerships


School programs

Walanga Muru partners with high schools to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students receive the preparation they need to succeed at school, develop their cultural identity, and have the resilience to overcome life’s challenges and emerge as one of tomorrow's leaders.  Opportunities for partnerships with high schools include the In-School Engagement Program, Rising Stars Leadership camp, and the Critical Thinking Unit.

In-School Engagement Program - years 7 to 10

Our In-School Engagement Program is an initiative by Walanga Muru – Macquarie University, to improve educational aspirations, cultural knowledges and resiliency skills among Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students in years 7 to 10. All sessions have been designed with a strong cultural basis. Dreaming stories are utilised in each session to teach values, knowledges, positive behaviours and skills.

For further information about this program, or to register your school's interest, please click here or contact Taylah Pearce on or 9850 8631.

One-off presentations and campus tours- years 10 to 12

Providing future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with an opportunity to experience our campus and hear about our engagement services, pathways, events, scholarships etc.

Our campus tours provides a tailored opportunity for students in years 10 to 12 to visit the Macquarie University Campus at North Ryde. The students enjoy a day of engaging activities aimed at raising aspirations and demystifying the university experience. Students will gain knowledge about our engagement services, scholarship, entry pathway and accommodation options etc.

Our Outreach team are available to come out to your school and perform a presentation to your senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. In our presentation we will cover information regarding degree options, scholarships, entry pathways, accommodation options etc.

For further information or to lock in a date, please contact Christopher Combridge on or 9850 6887.

The Rising Stars Leadership Camp - year 10

An opportunity for  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders to immerse themselves in University life, consider career options, and develop their leadership skills.

Walanga Muru hosts an annual three-day leadership camp for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander year 10 students. Students experience activities that develop their leadership skills, cultural knowledge and future aspirations.

TO APPLY NOW, please fill out the application form.

Please note applications strictly close on Monday 20 August, 2018.

For further information, please contact Taylah Pearce on or 9850 8631.

Critical Thinking Unit - year 11

Our Critical Thinking Unit provides year 11 students the opportunity to start their degree at Macquarie University while still at high school. The unit PHL137 covers the fundamentals of critical thinking and reasoning. All learning is completed online with optional on campus sessions. If the student successfully completes this unit, they will potentially receive an early offer to study at Macquarie University once they finish their HSC.

Walanga Muru will provide each student tutoring, mentoring and individualised support.

Study starts from February to June 2019.

APPLY NOW by filling out the application form.

For further information please contact Taylah Pearce on or 9850 8631.

Corporate engagement

Walanga Muru works across a wide range of industries and sectors through various educational initiatives. We aim to enable all Australians to contribute to reconciliation through various initiatives and educational programs in schools, communities and workplaces.

Walanga Muru works with corporates and industries to support the facilitation of various Indigenous strategies such as Indigenous Engagement Strategies, Indigenous Employment Plans and Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP). Organisations starting out on their reconciliation journey can be supported by Walanga Muru to build the foundations for relationships, respect and opportunities.

To engage with our team, please contact Todd Phillips, Aboriginal Workforce Development Coordinator on or 9850 7797.

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