Species Spectrum Research Centre

Species Spectrum Research Centre

Species Spectrum Research Centre

The Species Spectrum Research Centre will scale-up from detailed studies of a few species, to big-picture coverage of the full spectrum of species worldwide.

Applying a trait-based approach to a broad range of questions and organisms hasn't been done before. This is a novel attempt to combine a wide range of existing Macquarie University research strengths to pursue long-standing and high impact questions through a series of working groups.

Working groups will use emerging technologies to assemble and analyse big data sets in brain structure, microbial function, mimicry and crypsis, coral biology and ant perception and navigation and more.

The unifying element across the working groups is in the compilation of trait data for a broad set of organisms, materials and behaviours to understand their function at the continental and global scale: ie to characterise “species spectra”. This exercise is, by its very nature, is a truly cross-discipline nexus of mutually beneficial research-capacity building that aligns perfectly with the Macquarie University Research framework.

The Species Spectrum Research Centre will take advantage of, and build on, Macquarie’s established research expertise and reputation. The Research Centre will generate much needed cohesion and clarity of purpose that will change commonly held paradigms and shape future research directions across a wide range of research disciplines.

The impact of this strategic research style will develop collaborations giving rise to high-impact outputs and allow earth system managers to position little-studied species within worldwide spectra of variation.

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