Motion capture and simulation lab

Motion capture and simulation lab

The Motion capture and simulation lab allows for the study of expertise that require precise timing of complex actions, such as the timed movements of elite musicians, athletes, and dancers.

Current research

Motion capture equipment is used to record expressive facial and body movements. These recordings are then used to examine the skill required to rapidly detect, recognize, and interpret movements occurring at different parts of the face and body. Findings from such studies can provide:

  • insight into the skill that typical adults exhibit in this domain
  • why this skill may fail to develop properly in certain clinical populations such as children with autism spectrum disorder
  • how expert singers and other musicians use facial and body movements to support their expressive performance of music.

Services and access

  • Access and training
  • Consultation services
  • Contract research & development

The Music and Sports Lab is available to internal researchers. External researchers as well as industry users may hire it for research. Please contact our Lab Leaders - Professor Bill Thompson and Dr Kathryn Mills.

Connect with us

Professor Bill Thompson

Professor Bill Thompson

Music simulator lab leader
Department of Psychology

Dr Kathryn Mills
Sports simulator lab leader
Department of Health Professions


Building Y3A, Ground Floor
16 University Avenue
Macquarie University
NSW 2109
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