Anatomy Lab

Anatomy Lab

The anatomy and surgical skills facility at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences uses the most modern technology to study the most basic of the medical disciplines: human anatomy.

The purpose built centre was completed in 2010 and features cutting edge technology including the most advanced microscopy and surgical equipment. Macquarie provides an ideal environment to teach fundamental and advanced surgical technical skills and procedures in a simulated surgical environment. Trainees and practising surgeons hone their skills before translating them into practice in the operating theatre.


  • Ten fully equipped workstations with individual HD video monitors and theatre lights
  • Live video instructors station telecasts close-up views
  • Sawbones or simulation room
  • Fully equipped arthroscopy/laparoscopy suites, general surgical instruments to support most procedures
  • Power equipment (saws, drills)
  • Latest generation mobile C-arm and translucent tables
  • Instrument wash and sterilization facility

General Facilities

  • Large and small group classrooms with flexible configurations
  • Smaller private meeting rooms
  • Large-screen multimedia presentation
  • Teleconferencing capabilities
  • Internet access workstations
  • Full kitchen for hot and cold food preparation
  • Surgical skills staff for support, planning and set-up
  • Video production service for workshops and conferences. 
  • This includes filming with professional high definition cameras and editing the film to incorporate the Power Point slides and company branding. The finished product can be mastered onto DVD or prepared for online streaming and distribution.

A/Professor Richard Appleyard
Director Surgical Skills Centre
Tel:  +61(0)2 9812 3535 or +61(0)431 934 146
Fax:  +61(0)2 9812 3600


Anatomy Lab

ASAM - seminar room

ASAM - Interactive Zone


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