Perception in Action Research Centre (PARC)

Perception in Action Research Centre (PARC)

Perception in Action Research Centre

The Perception in Action Research Centre (PARC) is a Research Centre of the Faculty of Human Sciences at Macquarie University, bridging the Departments of Cognitive Science and Psychology.

Director: Anina Rich

Deputy Directors: Kim Curby and Paul Sowman

PARC Executive

  • Anina Rich (Director)
  • Kim Curby (Deputy Director; Psych)
  • Paul Sowman (Deputy Director)
  • Mark Williams
  • Matthew Finkbeiner
  • Kevin Brooks(Psych)
  • Richard Stevenson(Psych)
  • Veronika Coltheart
  • Thomas Carlson (USyd)
  • David Kaplan
  • Alexandra Woolgar (Cambridge UK)
  • Ian Stephen(Psych)

PARC Associate Members

  • Dr Regine Zopf
  • Dr Nathan Caruana
  • Dr Nick Benikos
  • Dr Simmy Poonian
  • Dr Amanda Robinson
  • Dr Tijl Grootswagers (USyd)
  • Dr Leidy Castro-Meneses (Western Sydney U)
  • Dr Ann Carrigan (Psych)
  • Professor Erik Reichle(Psych)
  • Professor Michael Richardson(Psych)
  • Associate Prof. Rachel Kallen(Psych)
  • Dr Lily Yu
  • Dr Bianca de Wit
  • Dr Wei He
  • Dr Nicolas Bullot (Charles Darwin Uni, NT)
  • Dr Susan Wardle (National Institute of Health, USA)
  • Dr Genevieve Quek (Uni of Louvain, Belguim)
  • Professor John Sutton

Current PhD students

  • Olivia Brancatisano (PARC supervisor: Paul Sowman)
  • Kate Hardwick (Supervisors: Mark Williams & Anina Rich)
  • Haleh Khoshkhouy Delshad (Supervisors: Mark Williams & Anina Rich)
  • Amanda Killian (Supervisor: Kim Curby)
  • Ana Muerteria (PARC supervisor: Paul Sowman)
  • Samantha Parker (Supervisor: Matthew Finkbeiner)
  • Marguerite Rowe (Supervisor: Anina Rich & Richard Stevenson)
  • Margaret Ryan (Supervisor: Paul Sowman)
  • Thaatsha Sivananthan (Supervisor: Kim Curby)
  • Felice Smith (Supervisors: Mark Williams, Thomas Carlson & Anina Rich)
  • Lina Teichmann (Supervisors: Anina Rich & Thomas Carlson)
  • Jordan Wehrman (Supervisors: Paul Sowman & David Kaplan)
  • Christopher Hewitson (Supervisors: David Kaplan & Paul Sowman)
  • Lydia Barnes (Supervisors: Alexandra Woolgar & Nicholas Badcock)
  • Selene Petit (Supervisors: Alexandra Woolgar & Nicholas Badcock)

PARC alumni: completed PhD students


  • Katherine Hardwick (Supervisors: Mark Williams, Anina Rich)
  • Erika Contini (Supervisors: Mark Williams, Thomas Carlson, & Susan Wardle)
  • Jasmina Vrankovic (PARC supervisor: Veronika Coltheart)


  • Tijl Grootswagers (Supervisors: Mark Williams, Thomas Carlson &  Susan Wardle)
  • Ann Carrigan (Supervisors: Anina Rich & Susan Wardle)
  • Yu Li (PARC supervisor: Paul Sowman)


  • Jade Jackson (Supervisors: Alexandra Woolgar, Mark Williams & Anina Rich)
  • Manjunath Narra (PARC supervisor: Matthew Finkbeiner)
  • Kimberly Weldon (Supervisors: Mark Williams, Anina Rich & Alexandra Woolgar)


  • Usha Sista (PARC supervisors: Mark Williams & Anina Rich)
  • Astrid Zeman (PARC supervisor: Kevin Brooks)
  • Leidy Castro Meneses (PARC supervisor: Paul Sowman)
  • Nathan Caruana (PARC supervisor: Alex Woolgar)
  • Andrew Etchell (PARC supervisor: Paul Sowman)


  • Shahd Al-Janabi (PARC supervisors: Matthew Finkbeiner and Paul Sowman)
  • Scott Gwinn (PARC supervisor: Kevin Brooks)
  • Genevieve Quek (PARC supervisors: Matthew Finkbeiner and Paul Sowman)

The goal of our research is to explore the way that humans perceive and interact successfully in their environment. We use multiple techniques to examine the neural and cognitive mechanisms that allow us to perceive and process the world, make decisions, and select appropriate actions.

Members of the Perception in Action Research Centre

The Perception in Action Research Centre has members from both the Department of Cognitive Science and the Department of Psychology. It encompasses the Department of Cognitive Science' Perception in Action research group, and has links with the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD).

Group Photo of PARC Members

Members of PARC

Kate Hardwick and Lydia Barnes at the 2017 CCD Annual Workshop Poster Session

Lina Teichmann with CCD Director Professor Stephen Crain, receiving the CCD 2017 Annual Workshop Best PhD Poster Award

Contact Us

If you are interested in working in the centre as an intern, research assistant, honours student, PhD student or postdoctoral fellow, please email Marina Butko (, who will assist you with your enquiry.

Our Address

Department of Cognitive Science
Australian Hearing Hub, 16 University Ave
Macquarie University
NSW 2109 Australia

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