Organic Geochemistry

Organic Geochemistry

Professor Simon George leads the Organic Geochemistry group at Macquarie University in northern Sydney. We are working on a diverse range of research areas, including the geochemical record of the early evolution of life, petroleum geochemistry, marine geoscience, and the bioremediation of petroleum and fuel spills. We are also developing a novel instrument (femtosecond laser micropyrolysis gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer) that will allow the acquisition of spatially-constrained geochemical parameters from heterogenous organic matter at the sub 20 μm size.

At present we are a group of 13, including Professor Simon George, 8 PhD students, 2 masters students, and 2 postdocs working on associated projects, and various visitors.

Above is a group photo in January 2019. Simon George (Professor), Li Li (PhD), Wenjing Ding (PhD), Jiayi Ai (PhD), Zhongxuan Li (PhD), Bronwyn Campbell (PhD), Lian Jiang (PhD), Michael Eze (PhD), Sophia Aharonovich (postdoc), Xinei Wang (visiting Associate Professor). Not present: Bonnie Teece (PhD), Toosin Agbaje (postdoc), Julie Hartz (masters student), Leyla Kabaran (masters student).

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