Environmental Humanities

Environmental Humanities

Environmental Humanities is an interdisciplinary field that both serves as an umbrella for environmental subfields in the social sciences and humanities and promotes the productive cross-fertilisation of ideas between them. Our research group brings together scholars from multiple disciplines from across Macquarie University who research in this and related fields, broadly addressing the social and cultural dimensions of environmental consciousness and change.

We have strengths in the following areas:

  • animal and multispecies studies;
  • environment and law;
  • more-than-human geography and political ecology;
  • environmental history;
  • big history, deep time and the Anthropocene;
  • environmental philosophy;
  • environmental anthropology;
  • biosemiotics and bioarts;
  • history and philosophy of science;
  • eco-poetics and literary eco-criticism;
  • Indigenous people’s relationships with environments;
  • place-making; and other interdisciplinary studies, including practice-led creative research and interpretations of the Anthropocene.

The current leaders of the Environmental Humanities Research Stream are:

  • Dr. Emily O’Gorman, Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography and Planning
  • Associate Professor Donna Houston, Department of Geography and Planning
  • Dr. Ian Collinson, Lecturer, Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies
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