Chemical ecology and atmospheric chemistry group

Chemical ecology and atmospheric chemistry group

Our research covers the areas of Chemical Ecology, Atmospheric Chemistry and Education in Chemistry.

Students wishing to undertake research projects in these or related areas are encouraged to make contact with me. Within each of the areas described below it is possible to design specific projects.

Chemical Ecology and Atmospheric Chemistry

Species in trace quantities in the atmosphere play significant roles in many processes that directly and indirectly affect the quality of our life.  We are interested in understanding the sources, reactions and effects that these species have. Our main focus is on the chemical ecology of Tephritid fruit flies. We develop and test new lures for use in population monitoring and control, and look at the pheromones emitted by these fruit flies

The described projects are indicative of the work carried out in the Chemical Ecology and Atmospheric Chemistry group.  Research programs are negotiable and areas of interest to potential students will be accommodated if they fall within the general theme of the group’s activities.

STEM Outreach and Education

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) "is everywhere. Our nourishment, our safety, our homes and neighbours, our relationships with family and friends, our health, our jobs, our leisure are all profoundly shaped by technological innovation and the discoveries of science." - Ian Chubb, former Chief Scientist of Australia.

We are interested in understanding learning and teaching in STEM, and developing better ways of doing it, particularly in Chemistry, and in taking STEM to the community.

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