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PhD and Other Researchers

Researchers currently being supervised by SPRG members

  • Rong Han (MRes Candidate) - China at the United Nations: Comparing Chinese & U.S. media outcomes of President Xi Jinping's maiden U.N. speech. 
  • Twediana Hapsari (PhD Candidate) - Audience segmentation Indonesian Muslim society related to Australian issues.
  • Dr. Dianlin Huang (PhD completed in 2012) - Framing migrant workers: News media and discursive construction of citizenship in transitional China.
  • Dr. Li Ji (PhD completed in 2012) - Image and cooperation in the climate change context: Australia frames China as an environmental actor.
  • Dr. Leah Li (PhD completed in 2011) - Reading the contemporary giant: The Australian media representation of China based on the ABC's current affair program in the 21st Century.
  • Mei Li (PhD Candidate) - How China's image in CCTV news affects overseas viewers' perception of China.
  • Zheng Li (PhD Candidate) - The internal and external soft power dimensions of the Chinese  government's new governance approach in the age of noöpolitik. 
  • Mirko Pavlovic (PhD Candidate) - Framing and international conflict: Issues of power, foreign influence, demands and leadership.
  • Wasin Praditsilp (PhD Candidate) - Crafting soft power in Thailand.
  • Dr. Annekaryn Tiele (PhD completed in 2011) - News factors in international news flow: An analysis of the global foreign press coverage.
  • Dr. Longqing Wang (PhD completed in 2011) - Journalists, media diplomacy and media-broker diplomacy in relations between Mainland China and Taiwan from 1987 - 2009.
  • Weijing Xing (PhD Candidate) - Japanese soft power's role in its maritime strategy after the Cold War.
  • Dr. Janet Xue (PhD completed in 2016) - A place to hide: Internet governance on privacy issues on social media sites.
  • Dr. Hongyu Ye (PhD completed in 2014) - A comparison of developments in Chinese and Australian public diplomacy in the 21st Century.