Professional Development

Professional Development

Reading Clinic Professional Development Workshops

Our professional workshops provide practical step-by-step guidance to clinicians, teachers, and volunteers on how to provide targeted research-based assessments and interventions for persons with reading and spelling difficulties that are easy to understand, and are delivered by experts in the field.

2020 Workshop Program

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MARCH 9th & 10th - Assessment and treatment approaches for children with reading and spelling difficulties

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APRIL 6th & 7th - Beyond phonics: Teaching multisyllabic word reading and spelling for all ages

MAY 21st - Understanding reading comprehension: From research to classroom

MAY 22nd - Teaching vocabulary to improve reading comprehension

JUNE 18th - How to teach phonics in K-2

SEPTEMBER 18th (morning session) - Anxiety in poor readers: Evidence, assessment, and intervention

SEPTEMBER 18th (afternoon session) - Working memory and reading difficulties

OCTOBER 21st - Measuring student progress in literacy: A workshop for teachers

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