Current projects

Current projects

BPII can deliver a number of projects simultaneously. Here are some of the projects we're currently facilitating.

Disruption to Studies/Special Consideration


To deliver a clear, well communicated disruptions to study process with achievable time frames for both students and staff, supported by a robust workflow with defined roles and responsibilities.


Start: Student disruption to study occurs

Finish: Student informed of outcome and case closed

Project Team

Name Position Faculty/Office

Celise Hill

Student Administration Adviser Student Lifecycle Team

Susan Cowin

Student Administration & Services Manager MUIC

Ben Wilkes

Manager, Allied Health Student Wellbeing

Jhansi Paningipalli

Business Analyst SBSS

Charlene Loh Ann Goldwater FBE

Student Administration Officer FBE

Esther Frazer

Project Manager Student Administration

Anne Macmillan

Manager, Student Administration S&E

Carmen Guzman

Student Services Administrator Arts

Jennifer Martin

Faculty Manager, Student Administration HS

Novy Alday

Undergraduate Services Administrator HS


  • Determine and provide achievable time frames for staff
  • Determine and provide achievable time frames for students
  • Clear remedies and when to offer them
  • Scaleable process to deal with volume
  • Decrease in appeals (per capita basis)
  • Clear communications to students and staff about what is expected of them
  • Clear communication channels between academic staff, professional staff and students

The supporting action plan with timelines

The map of the new process

Calendar of Dates


To develop a process that provides clarity around the provision and availability of information, governance and administration of University dates. Giving the University the ability to provide accurate and timely information for the purposes of planning and publication.


Start: Setting of academic and academic administrative dates

Finish: Publication of academic and academic administrative dates

Project Team

Name Position Faculty/Office
Paul Roxanas Project Coordinator MUIC
David McGrath Manager, Academic Programs MGSM
Rachael Rotton Education, Administration Coordinator MHS
Vanessa Chu Team Leader, Current Students Student Administration
Kylie Shorrock Curriculum and Planning Manager Student Administration
Iris Chung Student Administration Manager Student Adminstration
Megan Kemmis Manager, Secretariat Governance
Margaret Chidgey Web Producer Group Marketing
Maria D'Addiego-Kettle Project Coordinator DVCA
Soumya Raghavendra Rao Course Information Data Assistant SBSS

Deliverables & Measurables

  • Published calendar
  • Approved set of protocols defining roles, responsibilities and principles
  • Agreed timetable for publication of dates
  • An agreed format for the calendar for publication
  • Once source of truth for publication
  • Ability to segment dates
  • Stakeholder map
  • Audit and eradication of old information

The supporting action plan with timelines 

The map of the new process

MGSM hotel bookings


To design an efficient hotel booking process to accurately record transactions in a timely manner and ensure access to key data for all relevant stakeholders as appropriate.


Start: Guest makes a booking
Finish: Data check and book

Project Team




Vijay Sharma

Night Auditor


Jenny Valentine

Revenue Accountant


Issy De Castro

Campus Manager


Annie Lei

Duty Manager


Susanne Bohling

Front Desk Receptionist


Daniel Bennett

Systems Architect


Alisa Hammett

Business Analyst


Deliverables & measurables

  • Reduction of anomalies
  • Reduction in duplication
  • Reduction in paperwork
  • Consistent and standardised process for all staff for recording transactions
  • Speed of anomaly resolution via improved communications
  • Reduction in double handling
  • Consistent and accurate data throughout the process
  • Effective financial controls
  • Single source of truth for reliable definitive financial data
  • Accurately daily revenue report
  • Consistent financial figures across systems
  • Faster reconciliation process
The supporting action plan with timelines can be found here.The map of the new process can be found here.

Research partnerships


To create a scalable, efficient process with clear expectations and roles and responsibilities to support and deliver impactful end user research partnerships.


Start: Source Partnership
Finish: Contract Completed

Project Team


Mark Belarge

Research Partnerships Manager,

Research Office

Irina Zakoshanski

Faculty Research Manager

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Derek Van Dyk

Director Strategic Partnerships and Pre-award

Research Office

Phyllis Heggie

Post-award Leader

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) - Office

Vivian Mohan-Ram

Director - Consulting & Education Services

Consulting, Research and Training (CRT)

Bel Coppock

Administration Manager/Market Researcher

Office of Commercialisation and Innovation

Ann-Marie Heinrich

Manager, Research Policy and Contracts

Research Office

Anna Grocholsky

Director, Commercialisation and Innovation

Office of Commercialisation and Innovation

Candace Lang

Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering

Science and Engineering

Deliverables & measurables

  • Less time to process partnership paperwork
  • Clarity around types of agreements, partnership types and classification of partnership types; accepted terms to describe partnership types
  • Less lost/hidden paperwork
  • How to handle prioritisation of projects within the process (how to agree on and manage priority setting)
  • Educational tool kits to support, develop, deliver and manage partnerships
  • Understanding of who does what in the process; who makes the decisions and has sign off including clear contact points
  • Greater understanding of risk factors involved in end user partnerships by those involved in the process
  • Improved information sharing throughout the process
  • Clear expectations communicated to researchers & partners
  • More reliable data and reports
  • Provide techniques and approaches to support, nature and grow partnerships at each stage of the process
Supporting action plan with timelinesThe map of the new process
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