Oral-nasal airflow

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Mannell R.H., (2013) Oral-Nasal Airflow Workshop, Macquarie University

Workshop aims

To measure the rate of airflow through the mouth and nose during the utterance of various passages and nonsense sentences.

To measure the sound pressure level of that part of the vocal output which is emitted through the nose and the sound pressure level of that part which is emitted through the mouth.

The measurements of airflow will be compared with the oral/nasal sound pressure measurements.

Pervasive, vowel intrinsic, and contextual "nasality" will be examined.

Workshop video

Equipment setup and experimental procedure is covered in the oral-nasal airflow workshop video. Various versions of this video can be found on the movies index page.

You should also have a look at a number of short video clips that examine velum opening from above using a nasoendoscope. Also, patterns of velum opening from the side can be seen in a  a series of xray movies on this site.

Review of nasality

View a brief overview of the functional physiology of velum opening and of oral-nasal airflow.


View an overview of the methodology used and in particular for a description of the speech materials that were collected.


View the raw results and some processed summaries of these results as well as some statistics for these results.

You can also view an overview of the statistical methodology.

Assignment tasks

View an overview of the tasks that you will need to complete for this workshop.

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