Workshop August 2020

Workshop August 2020

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This free workshop will now be online but we will still need participants to register. More details can be found below and you can register online now. The live-streaming link will be sent to all registered participants. For participants in time-zones that would make live-streaming difficult, the talks will be available for two weeks after the event.

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Information about the workshop

How do children with hearing loss develop spoken language? As advancements in early identification, devices, fitting and intervention progress, children with hearing loss have better possibilities for functional language use than ever before. Yet challenges remain. This workshop brings together researchers, clinicians, health practitioners and industry representatives from diverse fields to discuss the many perspectives on how children with hearing loss come to be able to acquire and process spoken language. Many of the keynote speakers are members of the Australian Hearing Hub, an initiative of Macquarie University that brings together some of the country's leading hearing and healthcare orgnaisations and researchers, to collaborate across critical issues in hearing health.

Keynote Speakers

Organising Committee

  • Rosanne Abrahamse
  • Titia Benders
  • Ben Davies
  • Katherine Demuth
  • Isabel O'Keeffe
  • Mridula Sharma
  • Elsa Whelan

Workshop Sponsors

  • ARC Laureate Fellowship FL13010014 (Demuth)
  • Macquarie University Child Language Lab
  • Macquarie University Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS)


The program is below or can be downloaded as a PDF.

Thursday 20 August

9.00-9.15Registration/Virtual Foyer via Zoom
9.15-9.30Short Welcome - Katherine Demuth
Welcome to country - orated by Aunty Julie Janson
Welcome - Professor Patrick McNeil (Executive Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences)
Introduction to the Workshop - Katherine Demuth
9.30-10.30amKeynote presentation I: Greg Leigh, Teresa Ching - RIDBC, NAL
The changing landscape of language outcomes for deaf and hard of hearing children: The view from 2020.
10.30-10.45Tea break
10.45-11.15Mridula Sharma - Macquarie University
Does dichotic listening predict phonological awareness in Australian Aboriginal children from the Northern Territory?
11.15-12.15Keynote presentation II: Samantha Harkus - Hearing Australia
Responding to challenges in early identification and remediation of hearing loss in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children.
12.45-13.45Keynote presentation III: Mary-Beth Brinson - Cochlear
Perspectives on hearing loss treatments in Asia
13.45-14.00Tea break
14.00-14.30Laura Machart - CNRS, Grenoble
Influence of French cued speech on speech production in chilren with cochlear implants
14.30-15.00Julien Millasseau - Macquarie University
Acoustic cues to coda voicing contrasts in children with hearing loss
15.15-15.453-minute Poster Presentations (8 posters in the Zoom foyer)
15.45-16.30Tea break/Q&A with Poster Presentations (virtual chat room with presenters in Zoom)
16.30-17.30Keynote presentation IV: Christian Lorenzi - Ecole Normale Supérieure
The modulation theory of hearing: Implications for the typical and atypical auditory development

Friday 21 August

8.45-9.00Login to sessions/Virtual foyer via Zoom
9.00-10.00Keynote presentation V: Derek Houston - Ohio State University
Qualities of parent-child interactions with paediatric hearing loss and the potential impact on word learning
10.00-10.15Tea break
10.15-10.45Christina Blomquist - University of Maryland
Semantic prediction in sentence processing by children with cochlear implants
10.45-11.15Rebecca Holt - Macquarie University
Audio-visual speech processing in children with hearing loss
11.15-11.45Andrea Salins - Macquarie University
Orthographic facilitation of spoken word learning in children with hearing loss
12.15-12.45Inge Kaltenbrunn - RIDBC
Assessing spoken language processing in babies at 12 months after cochlear implantation:
Is a single assessment procedure enough?
12.45-1.45Keynote presentation VI: Aleisha Davis - The Shepherd Centre
Clinical observations of speech, language and literacy acquisition patterns for children with hearing loss
13.45-14.00Tea break
14.00-14.30Voices of young people with hearing loss - discussion with Rebecca Stewart and students from Hear For You.
14.30-14.45Closing remarks - Katherine Demuth

Information for attendees

More information for attendees will be available here soon.

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