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Master of Research

Master of Research

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The Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research (BPhil/MRes) combines advanced disciplinary coursework and structured research training, to provide graduates with greater recognition for their academic progress, enhanced employment opportunities and pathways to further study overseas. 

The MRes degree offers an introduction to research in Engineering. The degree involves learning research methodology and techniques and provides valuable experience in the preparation of a Master's Thesis in Engineering. The MRes degree provides an excellent pathway for the PhD program and also facilitates the acquisition of capabilities valuable to a career in professional Engineering.

For many Departments at Macquarie University, the MRes is a two year program, with the first year consisting of course work and the second year consisting of Thesis Preparation, because the MRes students in the Department of Engineering have graduated from a four year honours undergraduate degree program, the MRes for the Department of Engineering is a one year program consisting of thesis preparation.

The two-year full-time BPhil/MRes is the main pathway to a PhD at Macquarie University.

Department of ENGINEERING

The Department of Engineering is committed to excellence in research, learning & teaching, and industry engagement. We offer an integrated cross-disciplinary engineering program, with particular focus on electronics, communication systems, mechatronics and mechanical engineering. Academics in the Department currently include three Fellows of the IEEE.  The Department has an ERA rating of 4. There is an emphasis on supported learning in graduate programs and state-of-the-art facilities. Our research staff are internationally recognized and leading in a number of areas including antenna design, next generation wireless communication systems, and microelectronics. Recent growth has been into the areas of biomedical, mechatronics, and nano-materials engineering. The Department has exceptional analytical and laboratory facilities:

  • Software-enabled design and simulation
  • Electronic and microwave test equipment
  • Mechanical test equipment and a wind tunnel

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Program structure

The MRes will be made up of structured research preparation and training, where candidates will:

  • Extend their knowledge of research innovations in their discipline;
  • Survey the current literature related to their particular research interest;
  • Engage with the latest research methods in their field;
  • Receive training in project management and plan a major research project, and
  • Complete a significant individual research project of their own design, with support of a thesis supervisor. 

Although the MRes is a two year program, students in Engineering are considered to have taken a four year, Honours, undergraduate degree and are not required to participate in the first year MRes Program. Engineering students are required to satisfy the second year requirements of the MRes Program, which consist of research and the preparation of a Masters Thesis (equivalent to 32 credit points).

Domestic students may study part-time but most international students must study full time.

Program Structure:  (Jan-Oct) or (Jul-Apr)

Five Core Activities

1) Thesis (50 pages) based on a research project

2) Research Frontiers 2

3) Literature Review

4) Research Planning

5) Research Methods

Field of Study

These fields include Telecommunications Engineering, Signal Processing Engineering, Network Engineering, Wireless Engineering, Antenna Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronic Device Engineering, Microwave Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechatronic Engineering.  The Department currently has Research Centres in Medical Electronics, Future Wireless Networks, Reconfigurable Electronics and Antennas, Biomedical Imaging, and Sustainable Energy Systems.  Additionally, there are ongoing group research activities in Materials Engineering and Optical and Photonics Engineering.

The Faculty members in the Department of Engineering have the required expertise and experience to assist students in taking their research projects from initial definition to successful completion.  The research skills developed by students through the MRes program are extremely valuable for the generation of research outcomes in a future PhD program.

Application Process 

Applications are submitted online:


  • Domestic: 31st October 2016
  • International: 31st July 2016 (enrolment and MQ/IPRS Scholarship consideration) and 31st August 2016 (for enrolment only)All application documents and assessment outcomes are processed electronically, meaning HDR applicants will be able to apply and track the progress of their application online.If prospective students need help with the online application they are advised to visit our online application FAQs or watch a video on how to apply at


An undergraduate or postgraduate degree from a recognised institution and a GPA of at least 2.5 overall (4 point scale), and at least 3.0 at 300-level.

Candidates who have a complete Bachelor Honours degree or relevant Masters by coursework receive up to 32 credit points towards the program (dependent on the content of previous study), making it possible to start the program from Year 2.

Scholarships 2017

Information on Domestic and International MRes Scholarships can be found at:


New commencing direct entry MRes Year 2 2017: Applicants will go through a competitive ranking process in December.  Their applications will be benchmarked against the progressing cohorts with regard to the scholarship cut-off weighted mark.  Top ranked candidates will be recommended for the Year 2 stipend.  


There are no general Macquarie University funded scholarships for international applicants applying for entry into Year 2 MRes.

Scholarship opportunities for international students applying for admission into MRes Years 1 and 2 are limited to citizens of specific countries, as overseas governments offer the scholarships to their nationals.  See the HDRO Scholarship website:

Macquarie University offers a limited number of scholarships to international applicants for an MRes/PhD 'bundle' (i.e. MRes Year 2 + 3-year PhD) through the competitive IPRS (International Postgraduate Research Scholarship) round each year.

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