Seawater Facility

Seawater Facility


Operating since August 2015, the Seawater Facility supports academic research and undergraduate teaching in environmental and life sciences. The facility is used by marine scientists at Macquarie and their collaborative partners, to conduct controlled experiments and to temporarily house marine specimens.

Undergraduate students learning about the biology, chemistry, and ecology of marine organisms are given the opportunity to get a closer look at live examples of marine plants and invertebrate animals that are commonly seen, and those that are often overlooked, in the Sydney Harbour region.

Seawater is collected from Sydney Harbour and then filtered to remove impurities before being added to the storage facility. Animals can be kept in a variety of conditions with temperatures ranging from 14 to 30°C, pH levels from 7.6 to 8.1 and salinity levels from 0 to 35ppt.

Current Research

  • Ocean change, ecology and conservation
  • QX disease in the Sydney rock oyster, Saccostrea glomerata
  • Goby behaviour
  • Port Jackson Shark physiology
  • Tunicate immunology
  • Larval dispersal


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