Plant Growth Facility

Plant Growth Facility


Macquarie University has a modern and highly sophisticated plant growth facility. Built in 1999 and housing a wide range of experimental programmes the facility provides a basis for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in biology and research in national and international collaborative programmes.

The proximity of laboratories, equipment and growth facilities enable convenient analysis of plants from controlled environments on site. Soil and growth media are also prepared on site, avoiding transport issues.

Finally, parking is adjacent with restricted access available for delivery of bulky materials. The University’s science buildings and Macquarie Centre are all within 5 minutes walk.

Notes on glasshouse use

Charges listed on this page are a guide only and final costing are to be decided by negotiation and do not include potting media, growth media or large numbers of pots. Standard potting mix can be supplied at a cost of around $150/m3.

Macquarie University Biology users will be given first priority in space allocation.


Fourteen glasshouses are located on a second-floor single slab 70m x 35m. The glasshouses vary from 27m2 to 55m2. The glasshouses are either fitted with reverse-cycle air conditioning or evaporatively air-cooled and centrally heated to achieve tight temperature control that is monitored remotely. Temperature (all chambers), light and carbon dioxide concentrations (in research chambers) are logged continuously to generate Excel files. The Glasshouses are loosely configured as teaching and research facilities but can be adapted with moveable mesh benches to accommodate various purposes.

  • Carbon dioxide enrichment facility
    • Carbon dioxide enrichment – 10 reverse cycle, air-conditioned glasshouses are supplied remotely with carbon dioxide from bulk cylinders, enabling experiments on climate change.
  • PC2 glasshouse facility
    • An airconditioned, sealed glasshouse is available for containment purposes. This has certification for use with transformed plants.


For Biology Internal users (including students from other departments who have a biology supervisor).


  • Experiment from 1 to 3 months = $ 50
  • Experiment from 3 to 6 months = $ 150
  • Experiment from 6 months to 1 year = $ 300

These charges are for small experiments which occupy more than a meter square space to large scale experiments which occupies one or several glasshouses. There will be no charges for people who have few plants in pots/trays and are using less than a meter square of space.

PC2 containment glasshouse:

  • $25/m square/ month, for non-biology Macquarie University users.
  • $50+GST/m square/ month, for non-Macquarie University users.
  • CO2-enriched glasshouses – not available to non-biology users.

Growth Cabinets

There are fourteen growth cabinets (Thermoline), half are 1500mm x 1800mm x 900 mm, the other half being 1100mm x 1200mm x 600 mm. Each has temperature control and carbon dioxide enrichment from remote cylinders. Growth cabinet conditions are also logged continuously. Cabinets are in a building adjacent to the glasshouses with water and working space.


Growth Cabinets:

  • For biology Macquarie University users- $ 150/month (Small growth chamber).
  • For biology Macquarie University users- $ 300/month (Large growth chamber).

LECO CHN-900 Analyser

LECO CHN-900 Analyser

Available on a contract basis to measure carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen levels in organic or inorganic microsamples (generally 2 mg for plant samples).


Leco (C:H:N analyser) – $15.40 per sample for users outside Biology; special rates for internal users.

Li-Cor Li6400XT Portable photosynthesis system

Li-Cor Li6400XT Portable photosynthesis system

For on-site measurement of photosynthetic parameters.


For general glasshouse enquiries please email Muhammad Masood:

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