Fauna Park

Fauna Park


Situated on the corner of Culloden Rd and Talavera Rd, Marsfield and originally farmed as market gardens, the Macquarie University Fauna Park stretches over 11Ha; 3.5Ha of which is protected Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest.

Locally referred to as The Hill, the area is committed to non-intrusive research, e.g. learning to avoid predation, and other natural animal behaviours. Vertebrates (birds, fish, reptiles) or invertebrates (bees, flies, spiders) are observed in natural settings with minimal disruption to their normal environment. This allows the researchers to verify findings they have documented in the field. Other areas of investigation are water ecology and the competitive abilities of native trees.

The primary focus of the research is to determine how evolution has effected the development of brains by observing the animal’s behaviour as they interact with their environment in competition with their own and other species. Research has a strong focus on conservation and environmental protection and all work with vertebrates has been approved by the Animal Ethics Committee.



Calendars and bookings


Husbandry Charges

Husbandry services are charged at 40% of HEW3 for users from Biological Sciences, Macquarie University. Please contact the Fauna Park Manager with your budget for the coming year.

Non-Biological Sciences and non-Macquarie University users please contact Fauna Park Manager.

For use of facilities, please contact the Fauna Park Manager to discuss your needs and any relevant charges. Ordinarily facilities are free for users from Macquarie University. However, most enclosures are operating under research grants and use must be negotiated with the Principal Investigator.

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