Biosecurity Futures

Biosecurity Futures


The world’s population is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050, and food production must double by that time to combat hunger. Currently, about 40% of global food production is lost every year to pests and disease. Invasive alien species cost Australian agriculture over $8 billion p.a.

Impacts of changing environmental and demographic conditions on the distributions, population, and life cycles of both native and invasive species are, for the most part, poorly understood. This knowledge is essential for management of existing pests, and for effective quarantine and border security to predict and manage future incursions.

Research projects under the umbrella of Biosecurity Futures are relevant to all five of Australia’s Strategic Research Priorities:

  1. Living in a changing environment
  2. Promoting population health and wellbeing
  3. Managing our food and water assets
  4. Securing Australia’s place in a changing world
  5. Lifting productivity and economic growth

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