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Department of Linguistics

Centre for Language Sciences

Macquarie University Research Excellence

The Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS) at Macquarie University, Sydney Australia, was established as a research centre in 2007. In 2008, CLaS was named a Macquarie University Concentration of Research Excellence. Research in the Centre encompasses theoretical, experimental and computational issues in linguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, lexicography, audiology and speech science. 

CLaS is an integral part of the new ARC Centre of Excellence for Cognition and its Disorders which Macquarie University is the host institution for the Centre. The Director of the new centre is CLaS Director, Professor Mark Johnson. 

Research opportunities

Australian voices

A national initiative to collect the accents of 1000 Australian English speakers.

Child Language Acquisition

A study of child language acquisition in both English and Mandarin Chinese.


Learning through a fun computational & linguistics olympiad.

Emergence of logic

 An investigation into the treatment for stuttering called the Lidcombe Program.

Reading group

For MRES, PhD students and staff to present articles and discuss issues relevant for student thesis research


 An investigation into the treatment for stuttering called the Lidcombe Program.

Term Finder

Term Finder helps you understand technical jargon in first-year units in science, social science and others.

World's first child MEG

The KIT-Macquarie Brain Research Laboratory at Macquarie University is home to the world's first child MEG system.

World-class research facilities

CLaS & Linguistics PhD Students have access to:

  • High performance computational cluster
  • Whole-head MEG system & Child MEG system
  • Child language acquisition laboratory
  • Child phonology laboratory
  • Speech and hearing clinic
  • Speech laboratories (speech movement/kinematics, electropalatography, ultarsound, oral and nasal airflow)
  • Sound treated recording studios
  • CLaS seminars/ workshops/ conferences in areas relevant to Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Phonology, Computational Linguistics, Hearing and Speech Production Disorders. These seminars/ workshops/ conferences are discussion-oriented meetings on topics relevant to the work of the Centre, with local and overseas authorities presenting papers for discussion and allowing Centre students to interact with authorities in their fields of research.

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Contact: Rosemary Eliott
Phone: +61 0412 792 626
C5A, Level 5
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